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  • Corporate Director Health, Housing and Adults Social Care
    Salary: Competitive
    Location: York

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About Health, Housing & Adults Social Care Services

As a council we are committed to working in partnership with health services, to achieve a one place based approach to health and social care, as a platform for accelerated improvement and service excellence, enabling our residents to live happy, healthy and independent lives.


We are proactive and ambitious in our approach; we adopt a preventative model, with locality working enabling opportunity for residents to help themselves and enjoy independent living, whilst protecting those most vulnerable.


Our supported housing strategy sets out our overarching vision to ensure the right supported housing options are available at the right time and the right place for those that need them. Through this we help to increase or maintain independence and to help to prevent future reliance on services.


Through this vision, we will help to increase or maintain independence, and to help to prevent future reliance on services. Supported Housing is part of a wider network of support services including visiting care and support provided in general needs accommodation, education, training, volunteering, and employment support, advice and handyperson services and health related support.


Our vision is both informed by and directly contributes to wider strategic aims and objectives identified by City of York Council and the York Health and Wellbeing Board. Our Housing Strategy is critical to our wider success and our future ambitions. There are many different types of households or communities of people who benefit from supported housing.


Our strategy is based around services for:

  • older people (aged 55 years and over)
  • people with mental health issues and/ or learning disabilities
  • young people (aged 16 to 25 years)
  • offenders or ex-offenders
  • people involved in substance misuse (drugs, alcohol and others)
  • people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness

Like many places, York has an ageing population. Over 75% of older households are owner-occupiers, and specialist accommodation is not always the preferred option for older people any more. Our vision is to support older people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. This includes providing the right advice and information to help people to make informed choices.


We will ensure that the supported housing we provide for older people is able to meet the changing expectations and needs of older people, in particular the rise in dementia, and reduce the need for 24 hour residential care.


We need a Corporate Director who will create and embrace opportunities to have a one coherent leadership model to accelerate health improvement for our residents.


We have strong partnerships, thriving voluntary and community sector; we are pioneering in our approach to creating and enhancing community assets. We are building more housing and affordable accommodation, bucking the national trend.


In our compact, vibrant City we have a range of community assets and with integrated working we can genuinely leverage these to make a difference in our communities. York is a positive place that is well connected yet has distinct localities, it is fascinating, complex and vibrant.


York is a reasonably affluent city which translates into its residents having good life expectancy and generally positive health outcomes. However it is important we remain aware of the inequalities that exist in our city that means that not everybody enjoys good health and a long life expectancy. We are working in a challenging environment where we have less financial resources but demand for health services is growing. Some of this demand will be related to issues that public health has a key role to tackle. Issues around lifestyle choices, for example smoking, physical activity and diet. With less resources to tackle these issues we need to work in a way that means that people are supported to make the right choices themselves and are in an environment where these are the easy choices. It is a challenging time, but by working with our partners in the voluntary and community sector and in the NHS we will tackle this challenge head on. York has great assets in its people that can be used to ensure that everyone is given the best opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy life.


We have a talented, experienced and very knowledgeable team, with a track record of success; for adults social care we have moved 82 places from the bottom to the top quartile. We manage resources very well, we are on target to achieve budget and required savings.


Whilst we are high performing, we have challenges; we have a growing aging population, there are financial challenges with partners and our funding base is low compared to other regions, whilst full employment is prosperous it creates recruitment challenges particular for care workers, especially when the cost of living is high. We achieve gold standard for our approach to homelessness and we rise to the challenge of supporting the street sleepers we attract. These all make the job interesting and we are certainly up for the challenge, supported by our dedicated staff.


This is not a traditional Director of Adult Social Care role; it has a wider remit. We need a leader who can build partnerships beyond our statutory services, shape our communities through housing, community assets, safety and resilience and integrated health and social care provision.  We need a talented individual who can achieve a whole system leadership approach in York to accelerate health improvements through a place based and asset approach with partners to achieve the right outcomes for our people and communities and realise our full ambitions.


Corporate Director Children , Education & Community Services 

Salary: Competitive

Location: York

Job Description / Person Specification

Equalities information


About Children, Education & Community Services

We are highly ambitious in the outcomes we seek for all children and young people. We are proud of our experienced, visible and supportive leadership team within Children’s Services. Our caseloads are low and well supported and supervised by comparison to other areas in the UK and we focus on and are committed to providing continuous professional development for our workforce.

We are recognised by the Department of Education (DFE) as an innovator due to our strong creative and innovative practice. Our partnership approach enables a system wide view of all schools performance and allocation of resource to those in need, truly placing children and young people at the heart of Education.
Our multiagency working relationships are very strong; we host a Regional Adoption Agency and we have a strong relationship with schools and partners to ensure the effective safeguarding of children in our city. As a result our Education standards are consistently very strong, amongst the very best in the country, where over 90% of our children go to good or outstanding schools.

We have a strong local offer for children with special educational needs and disabilities, with strong partnerships underpinning this.
Progress has been made in the attainment and outcomes for those from disadvantaged backgrounds but the gap is still too large, we have more to do.

We are developing a new plan to develop skills for the future; whilst we have almost zero unemployment in this great City, we are looking to improve the quality of jobs, develop more apprenticeships and ensure that no-one is left behind in terms of employment skills in our developing economy.
Our vision for children and young people is straightforward. Children and young people are the heart of our city and of everything we do. Listening to children and young people is how we deliver the best possible outcomes for families.

Communities Services is a diverse portfolio, providing community, culture, leisure and tourism services. With an experienced and talented team, they provide place shaping services including community engagement, work in wards, support councillors develop ward priorities to which budget is devolved to ensure resources are allocated to the uniquely different needs of each community, developing strong locality working.


We have a vibrant city, rich in culture, heritage and leisure; therefore our partnerships across the city ensure that our attractions and interests thrive for the benefits of our residents and visitors. Driving our cities culture and showcasing York as a destination is a key priority.
Like many councils we restructured services 18 months ago, however perhaps differently to others we did this not in response to solving under lying issues, but because of our unrelenting ambition to be even better. This is not job done; we want a Corporate Director to continually shape, lead and influence our services to realise our ambition for our children, young people and communities.
In relation to our children’s services, we are especially focused on taking our Good Ofsted rating to Outstanding across the board.

We are looking to recruit a professional, influential leader to drive change, help define our future direction influence key stakeholders and support service improvement in the Children Education and Communities directorate and across the breadth of the Council. A member of the council’s corporate management board, this key role will build on and strengthen key partnerships.


Both Corporate Director’s will work closely together to create and embrace the opportunities for joint working and commissioning to achieve place leadership.
With talent teams, we need leaders with the strategic vision and clarity to fulfil the potential of our staff, and drive us forward.

Our location in this great yet compact city, means that we are well connected, we get things done, we collaborate to resolve challenges and move with agility and pace.


Apply now

Contact Sarah France-Gorton our recruitment partner on 01609 798106 to discuss your application. We encourage prospective applicants to speak with Chief Executive Mary Weastell, Sarah will organise this for you.

To apply please send your CV including a personal statement in one Word document (not pdf) to together with equalities monitoring and additional information forms by 4pm on Monday 10th September.

It is important that your CV includes: your full contact details (telephone, email, address), full employment history (name of employer, job titles, dates of employment), current salary, full education history (qualification, grade, dates and name of place of study), explanation of any gaps in employment and the contact details of at least two referees including your current/most recent employer indicating whether you provide us with the authority to contact each referee prior to interview. Your personal statement should outline your motivation for applying and how you meet the criteria for the role.

We will not accept applications from agencies.

These posts are politically restricted and require a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal record check.


Key dates:

Closing date: 4pm 10th September 2018

Assessment dates:

  • 3rd October 2018 - Corporate Director Children , Education & Community Services with final interviews on the 5th October.
  • 4th October 2018 - Corporate Director Health, Housing and Adults Social Care with final interviews on the 5th October


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