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Headteacher - Amotherby Community Primary School 


Dear Applicant,

Welcome to our dedicated Headteacher recruitment webpage, which aims to provide you with all the information about our school and current vacancy. This opening has arisen following the early retirement of our well-respected Headteacher at the end of August 2020. We hope that the information we have provided encourages you to make an application to our warm and welcoming school.

Amotherby Primary school is a Local Authority school and has one class per year group, including an on-site Early Years Foundation Stage. There are currently 199 children on roll. Our particular setting is sited within a residential area, with pleasant playing fields and an open plan classroom design.

Effective leadership and focus on school improvement have enabled the school to make substantial progress. This has helped us develop an excellent staff team, creating a warm and supportive environment for teaching and learning, and we are consistently challenging ourselves to find further ways to improve. We are proud of the standards we have set and the results we have achieved, and wish to build on this momentum for improvement.

Our staff are wonderful and dedicated to the welfare of each individual child. There are numerous visits, special events and extra-curricular activities. Staff welfare is high on our agenda. Our involvement within regional alliances and a local school consortium has increased both the range and the take up of training opportunities for staff.

In March 2019, Ofsted rated the school as ‘Good’, and inspectors recognised “There is much to celebrate at this improving school” and “you have successfully created an environment in which pupils of all ages live up to the school’s motto of ‘active, aspire and achieve’”.

The school has well established values, which the children helped to create. These values provide the strong framework in the behaviour exhibited by the children, and in the expectations and commitment of our staff. We are an inclusive school with a higher proportion of pupils with SEND than the national average. We are committed to ensuring that all pupils excel to their individual capabilities.

The school has an excellent reputation in the local community. To ensure that the school continues with this and its well-deserved success, the Governing Body is looking for a Headteacher who can demonstrate determination, imagination and commitment to continuous improvement. They must be passionate about teaching and learning, believing in the true potential of the children; an exemplary role model with strong leadership and organisational skills, and someone who can nurture, inspire, and challenge pupils and staff alike. They need to have the ambition, drive, desire and dedication to ensure the sustainability of the school and have the ability, aspiration and dedication to maintain and strengthen the existing links with the parents and the wider community.

The Governing Body, although small, is committed to the future vision, success and financial stability of the school through the continuing development of a challenging but supportive relationship with a new Headteacher.

If you would like the opportunity for an informal, confidential conversation about the role, please email Julie Crichton, Resourcing Adviser, who has been engaged to support us with recruitment to this key role.

If you feel that your skills and experience match the needs of Amotherby Primary School, we would welcome an application from you.

I hope you find the information provided useful and informative and that it will encourage you to apply. On behalf of the governing body, thank you again for your interest in Amotherby Primary School.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Simpson

Chair of Governors 

Amotherby is a thriving and successful Community Primary School with 199 pupils on roll. A smaller than average primary school, we are proud of our ethos and values and these are lived out by school leaders and staff on a daily basis, which are fundamental to its success. We are an open, happy and nurturing school, where every person is valued and where we allow the children to develop as children and grow together.

Situated in the rural village of Amotherby, in close proximity to the market town of Malton, we are very much at the heart of the Amotherby village community. An established forest school status, we have a broad catchment area, with children travelling from 17 small villages and a small number of the school’s population living in Amotherby itself. The school attracts families from Malton and Norton and from a new housing estate built on the edge of Malton.

Our school is approximately 40 years old and is now a mix of old and new buildings with the extension of an additional classroom added in 2012 and with several alterations to the school to accommodate the rise in the school’s popularity. The school boasts attractive well- kept grounds which provides the children opportunities for outdoor learning and a wide variety of sporting activities. The children respect their school grounds and are appreciative of the space and learning areas and EYFS has an ongoing developing outdoor area which provides Forest School activities.

Amotherby Primary School is very inclusive and offers a full extra-curricular programme, which enriches the lives and raises aspirations of our pupils, affording them first hand opportunities to explore wider Britain. Activities have included a Year 4 experience for two days at East Barnby and a trip to Whitby to a local outdoor learning centre. Annual residential trips are also offered; Year 5 spend a week at Bewerley Park, where the children are encouraged to take part in many team building experiences, while Year 6 have the opportunity to go on a city break.

We offer a range of activities allowing for a broad and balanced curriculum, with many visitors and guests providing stimulating and motivating learning experiences. Many children also participate in out of school activities linked to sport and performing arts which enhances children’s confidence. The school also offers a selection of after-school clubs to all years covering a variety of interests.

We are members of the Esk Valley Teaching Alliance and also work collaboratively with local primary schools under ITHRIVE; a group of schools working together including; Malton Secondary, West Heslerton, Hertford Vale, Settrington and Amotherby. The partnership offers CPD and shared practices, joint training events, regular Headteacher meetings, peer reviews, Governor support and Admin support.

We have a strong and positive relationship with the Local Authority and a very supportive Governing Body, who are fully engaged with the strategic leadership of our school.

Our staff are our greatest resource, providing the very best in education and are incredibly committed, loyal and dedicated and always have the best interest of the pupils at heart. The team of staff are highly effective and there is a lot of potential in the staff team for further leadership roles.

The school runs as Headteacher plus 7 full time members of teaching staff equivalent. There are 7 teaching assistants, with 2 GTA for SEND 1 HLTA 0.5 FTE. The school has a county moderator for writing. Each member of staff has at least one subject responsibility. The Head is the SENCo, EVC and Safeguarding Lead.

The school has 7 classes and our teachers and instructors lead their class support team through shared goals, working in close partnership with parents/carers, governors and the local community to provide an excellent educational experience for all. The school cook and assistant cook fresh dinners on the premises every day along with a cold selection and jacket potato option.

The staff team are very supportive of the Headteacher and promote good working relationships with all the parents and understand the need for good communication. Weekly staff meetings ensure the school highlights and works on its priorities. Staff have continuous CPD to ensure their professional development.

The school is well thought of through the county and has been able to support other schools locally by providing training, holding training for Maths mastery and phonics. The staffing structure and experience within the staff team has meant that the present Headteacher has been seconded to other schools to work on school development.

The way in which our school is organised and run, as well as the relationship between the pupils themselves and their teachers is based on the ethos that pervades every aspect of school life.

Our vision

  • Provides our children with a 21st Century education through a broad and balanced curriculum equipping them with the skills for life.
  • Encourages our children to be confident, independent, aspirational, inquisitive and co-operative learners by providing them with opportunities to help them reach their full potential.
  • Promotes the partnership of children, staff, parents, carers and governors working together to foster a local and global learning environment with the core British Values at the centre.

Our aims

  • To value children’s contributions in a welcoming, safe, happy, caring and inclusive environment.
  • To maintain high standards provided by inspirational, good and quality teaching.
  • To ensure our broad, balanced curriculum gives children fun, excitement, new experiences, transferable skills and resilience for life.
  • To provide stimulating resources and new technologies to enrich and enhance indoor and outdoor learning.
  • To recognise, celebrate and value achievement throughout the school community.
  • To allow children to make healthy choices and informed decisions about their learning.
  • To develop highly effective partnerships and prepare our children as global citizens in a multi- cultural Britain.

This ethos and culture has not come about by accident; it is largely due to the example provided by our current leader and is something we are determined to see continue and flourish.

Pupil Data

The children at Amotherby school are extremely well behaved, well mannered, polite and respectful of each other. There is a very proactive school council which meets on a half termly basis and work closely with the leaders and Governors of the school. The children are confident, happy and enjoy school life. They enjoy learning, share their knowledge and engage fully in their lessons. Children are well supported across their school and there is a priority for teaching and learning.

Class achievement and attainment continues to be a focus throughout all classes within the school. Progress has not always been achieved, therefore, this has been identified as an area of focus in the current school development plan.

DfE School Performance Tables can be accessed here.



Amotherby Primary School was judged “good” at its last Ofsted Inspection - Short inspection - February 2019.

Inspection findings

  • The curriculum is lively. You and your leaders have given careful thought to the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils will need by the time they leave school. Leaders are ambitious and passionate about helping pupils to develop a love of learning and be able to apply their skills to new learning.
  • You and your team identified that pupils needed to develop a more secure and broader understanding of mathematics. Teachers have worked hard to make sure that all pupils, including the most able, develop fluent arithmetic skills so that they can confidently work out challenging problems for themselves. To support this, teachers are successfully encouraging pupils to offer reasons for their answers. This successful approach is not as well embedded with younger pupils or in other subjects.
  • Leaders recently identified girls, in particular, were not reaching the higher standards in mathematics. Teachers have been successful in improving girls’ confidence by using a number of different strategies. For example, girls now have frequent opportunity to teach a peer a new skill, or take a classmate through how they have solved a problem. In addition, teachers have also made sure that pupils have the skills to reflect on their learning and that they are equipped with the right vocabulary to talk about their feelings. As a result, girls are developing the ability to say precisely why they feel less confident with some activities, and what helps them to become more confident.
  • The exciting curriculum is supported by trips and visits, giving pupils a range of memorable experiences. For example, following a visit to Ryedale Folk Museum, Year 4, particularly the boys, were inspired to write lively accounts of Anglo-Saxon life. At the time of this inspection, Year 5 and 6 were working with an external company to produce a play in a day, inspired by their work on Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’.
  • You and your team have been effective in promoting pupils’ reading. The environment in classrooms strongly supports the development of pupils’ reading. Each class has designed their own reading corner, which provides cosy spaces where pupils can settle down and enjoy their reading. As a result, pupils enjoy reading and they are encouraged to read at home through competitions. They are very keen to win the coveted prizes of brand-new books.
  • Pupils were excited to tell me about the authors they had met in school. Pupils spoke about wanting to be authors and reading a wider variety of books, as a result of these inspirational sessions.
  • As a result of the effective work to strengthen reading skills, pupils have an assured, and increasingly sophisticated, range of vocabulary. Less-able pupils are confident in using effective strategies to sound out and read unfamiliar words. They are equally positive in working out the meaning of words and phrases. The most able readers read with expression and enjoy expanding the range of books they read.

Next steps for the school

Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

  • leaders’ development planning is sharpened, and safeguarding record-keeping is streamlined
  • recent improvements to the curriculum are embedded so that younger pupils’ reasoning, problem-solving and investigation skills are developed
  • leaders’ planning for the progression of pupils’ skills and knowledge is precise across different subjects and over time
  • the school’s website continues to be compliant and is kept up to date.


School Development Plan 2019/2020

The current School Development Plan focuses on the following key targets:

  • English: Inspiring writing, moderation of writing in all year groups, implement an effective spelling strategy across the whole and HT & Subject Leader provision throughout the school for communication and Language development.
  • Maths: Maths to be integrated into whole curriculum, EYFS to continue development into maths, assessments to be used formatively, working walls to show their areas of NC, Times table test for year 4, target fluency in maths, update assessment system and development of parent booklet.
  • Teaching & Learning: Agree outstanding classroom practices, lesson observations and feedback and specialist targeted coaching
  • Health & Wellbeing: Staff to review RSE Curriculum, Staff to identify training and resources needed to meet the implementation of the new curriculum, analyse GUINY questionnaire 2018 and identify areas related to Health and Well -being and subject lead for PSHE will monitor the teaching, recording and assessing of PSHE and work through book scrutiny, learning walk, discussion with children and planning scrutiny.


Key Priorities

  • Shaping and implementation of the school vision.
  • Maintaining the right culture and ethos.
  • Managing relationships with key stakeholders and influential organisations.
  • Modelling high standards and a consistent approach in leadership.
  • Develop the School Improvement Plan.
  • Build on the existing strengths in the school and continue to enable every pupil to achieve their full potential.


Budgetary position

As with all schools, budgets are constrained. An increase in numbers over recent years, due to the proactive nature of the leaders of the school allows the school to be in a positive financial position moving forward. The school has had to be frugal over the last three years and make reductions in support staff and the governors continue to work closely with the Headteacher to ensure costs are controlled, while still enabling agility of spending when necessary to maximise use of the resources that become available. Governors have a good understanding of the finances of the school and would take the necessary steps to address any future budget issues.

Amotherby Primary School is a small rural primary school, serving a wide catchment area, drawing pupils from 17 villages. The increase in pupil numbers recently means that classes average about 30 pupils, this is larger in most recent years. Almost all pupils are White British and a lower than average number of pupils are eligible for the pupil premium. The proportion of pupils with a disability or a statement of special educational need is lower than the national average (8% of pupils on SEN register with three pupils with EHCP).

Our school is at the heart of the community and our engagement with parents/carers is imperative. We have an ‘open door policy’ where parents/carers are encouraged to discuss any aspect of their child’s schooling and are kept well informed about all aspects of school life. This communication is maintained via newsletters, information evenings (3 parent’s evenings a year), special assemblies, open afternoons and celebration and social media channels.

We have a proactive PTA supports the school and provides community events. Parents come into school to support events and children’s learning, including listening to readers and helping on school’s trips. Our careers week are extremely well supported by parents who come in and talk to children about various career paths. Also not forgetting our annual year 6 parent’s/staff rounder’s competition!

Our school is active in charity support, awareness and fundraising, with the school council to support and lead these events. The school celebrates Christmas and Harvest at the local church and encourages speakers from many denominations to lead assemblies to celebrate differences within the wider school community.

As well as a successful partnership between the school, the parents/carers and the pupils; our partnership also extends to working closely with ITHRIVE; a group of schools working together including; Malton Secondary, West Heslerton, Hertford Vale, Settrington and Amotherby. The partnership offers CPD and shared practices, joint training events, regular Headteacher meetings, peer reviews, Governor support and Admin support.

The Governors group has proactively decreased in size over the last few years and cut subcommittees to ensure all the governors are aware of all matters relating to the school and to prevent duplication. This year has seen several new governors join the team. They act as a critical friend to the Head and are supportive of the staff team. They are proactive and engage in school activities and hold the Headteacher to account with regard the management of finances and overall performance of the school and staff welfare.

The school has a positive and supportive working relationship with the LA. The school is a classed as a category 1 school for support and thus has 1 visit a year from the SIA.

Amotherby Primary School are members of Esk Valley Teaching Alliance. All members benefit from collaborative support to improve learning outcomes for pupils and continued professional development (CPD) of teachers and potential teachers. We have recognised that there is potential for developing stronger links with these partners.

North Yorkshire is England's largest county and one of the most rural. The area comprises the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a stunning coastline around Scarborough and Whitby. There are ruined castles and abbeys, serene gardens, unique breweries, thrilling rides and industrial heritage. The area hosted the phenomenal Tour de France ‘Grand Depart’ in 2014 and has since created the Tour de Yorkshire, an annual event with global recognition. Our success in supporting these events led to Harrogate hosting the UCI Cycling World Championships in 2019.

North Yorkshire has plenty to offer the outdoor enthusiast. From the hard gritstone of Almscliff and Brimham rocks to the limestone of Malham, Gordale and Kilnsey climbing venues are in abundance. The Yorkshire Dales is the premier area for caving and for mountain biking; there are the bridleways of the Dales and North York Moors as well as the renowned trail centre at Dalby Forest. There are a small number of sailing clubs on reservoirs around the county and fantastic surf sport venues and sea kayaking on the east coast.

While the county is rightly known for its wide open spaces, it also incorporates attractive market towns including Pickering and Helmsley, traditional seaside towns, the Spa town of Harrogate and the ancient city of York - the most visited city outside of London. There are a wide range of shopping, leisure and cultural facilities as well as excellent schools, universities, road and rail links, there really is everything to offer you and your family as a place to work, live and enjoy!

Travelling further afield we have convenient connectivity, with close proximity to metropolitan cities of Leeds and Newcastle, with little over two hours commute on the main train line to London. We border the Lake District, Lancashire, County Durham, and Yorkshire & Humber regions with all they have to offer.

The Role

Amotherby Primary School, Malton, North Yorkshire

Post: Headteacher

Number on Roll: 199

Commencing: January 2021

Contract Type: Full Time

Salary: L13 – L19 

Contract Term: Permanent

We are looking for a Headteacher who will lead our school with vision, passion and positivity. A creative thinker who will inspire and lead their team to deliver outstanding results.

Amotherby Primary School is a rural, forward thinking village school, situated near the market town of Malton in North Yorkshire. We are well-respected and known for our high standards, exemplary pupil behaviour and a fully inclusive model of education; enabling all children to fulfil their full potential whatever their starting points. Our values and core aims support this model and are lived out in the daily work of the school.

Currently rated as ‘good’ by Ofsted, we set high standards of learning, placing a high premium on creating a learning environment in which children thrive to the best of their abilities and where we celebrate the achievements of every pupil. We are proud of our warm and welcoming school, where we value our community, providing opportunities for all pupils to have a wide range of experiences and become independent learners.

Our ambition, and yours, will be that Amotherby Primary School plays a pivotal role within primary education in the area, for promoting the latest developments in teaching, learning and inclusion practices. Our children, who are taken from a broad catchment area, deserve an education that will change their lives and give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and in turn you and your staff will enjoy a fulfilling career, releasing your potential and maximising your impact.

Our opportunity
Building on the strong progress firmly established over the last few years, we are looking to appoint a leader who is personally committed to excellence, passionate about learning and raising standards of attainment and committed to our ethos.

Our site boasts enviable outdoor areas and significant learning space inside of the building. These all lend themselves to a creative and innovative leader’s ambition to develop an exciting and vibrant curriculum. Aspiration, resilience and the ability to build positive and trusting relationships will be in your character as a leader, as you create a culture of learning and ambition that will see our children and young people develop and grow.

This is a unique professional opportunity that will allow you to create and build your own middle management team to continue to develop and build an outstanding provision for our children and young people.. We are supported by a highly committed, experienced, and loyal team of staff, receptive parents and carers, a strong governing body and local community that is proud of our School, where pupils are happy, well-behaved and enjoy learning.

We can offer you:

  • A happy and friendly village school, fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment in which to inspire and motivate our children.
  • Significant levels of support from the Local Authority, Governing Board and a staff team who are experienced, committed and passionate about our school.
  • Delightful children who respect each other, have a thirst for learning new things and a staff culture which allows new members to thrive and develop.
  • An opportunity to see the huge potential that exists here and with clear support, tenacity, energy and the time to make Amotherby Primary School a beacon of excellence in primary education.

For an informal, confidential conversation about the role, please email Julie Crichton who is supporting this recruitment process on behalf of Amotherby Primary School.

Key dates
Application closing date: Midnight, Sunday 12 July
Shortlisting:  Thursday 16 July
Interviews:  Wednesday 16 & Thursday 17 September

**Interview dates may change depending on Covid-19 restrictions.

Supporting Documents
Person Specification
Job Description

When applying please take into account the following:

Supporting Information
The supporting information section of your application should clearly evidence your ability to meet the requirements we have outlined in the person specification. This will be used to shortlist applicants for this role and therefore it is imperative that you provide evidence as requested.

When completing your application, please provide two employment references.