Dear Applicant,

Welcoming interested candidates to this recruitment campaign for Bader Academy is pretty much a dream come true: when we founded Nexus Multi Academy Trust in 2016 it was because we had a shared commitment to public service and we recognised the importance of creating a more diverse special educational needs offer for children and families in our communities. Bader opening marks a huge step forward in our realising that ambition!

From initial concept to the bricks and mortar, we’ve worked closely with Doncaster Council to ensure that our new academy is purpose built to meet the needs of children and young people aged 5 -19 with communication and interaction difficulties.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have such a talented and energetic Executive Headteacher already in post: Karl O’Reilly is working really hard to ensure that we create the most exciting and innovative curriculum we can.

Naturally our staff will be the delivery vehicle for the curriculum we build, which is why we’re so keen to bring in the very best and brightest practitioners. At Nexus our vision is that we are all “Learning together; to be the best we can be” and it’s this ethos that will underpin how you will co-produce the Bader culture to best meet our children’s needs.

The challenge in recruiting to a new school is that we are asking people to buy into our vision for what we’ll achieve, together. However, we have a number of open academies, all of whom thrive and deliver a personalised offer for their pupils. Our Nexus Multi Academy Trust website has a lot more information about our open academies, and we are continually publishing more and more updates on the Bader Academy website.

We’re so excited about this once-in-a-generation opportunity to open a brand new special school - I hope you share our passion and enthusiasm for special educational needs and get in touch to find out more!

Warren Carratt,
Chief Executive Officer - Nexus Multi-Academy Trust 

Dear Applicant,

Welcome to our dedicated recruitment web page, which aims to provide you with all the information about our school and current vacancies.

Thank you for your interest in the currently advertised positions at Bader Academy.  It is a wonderful opportunity to play a key strategic role in the growth and development of a truly unique community based special educational establishment.  Our ethos is to provide a child centred, enriching and inclusive education, designed to create engaged, critical and resilient learners equipped to become the people who define, shape and transform society.

We are seeking to appoint senior leaders and teaching professionals who are passionate about special education. You will receive full support from the Trust, Executive Headteacher, Governing Body, Local Authority and staff as you develop an exciting and vibrant curriculum, providing professional leadership and management of the school, promoting excellence and equality, while being mindful of the diverse complexity of the needs of our pupils and communities.

Bader School will embrace a ‘Change Maker’ philosophy. We will look to support our children and young people to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.  Our staff will be change makers in their own right and be forces for good to improve outcomes for people with special educational needs.  In addition to this, we strive to develop positive changes for our whole school community and ourselves.

Please take the time to read the contents of this pack carefully and to look at our website which provides lots of information about the school, its values, links and identity.

I hope that, having read through all the available information, you are keen to submit an application and look forward to receiving it.  We strongly recommend that you visit us so that we can talk with you about this unique and career-defining opportunity and you will have a chance to see what we have to offer.  Such a visit is not part of the selection process, and whether or not applicants have visited will not influence the final outcome.

I hope you find the information provided useful and informative and that it will encourage you to apply.

Karl O’Reilly
Executive Head Teacher - Coppice School & Bader Academy 

Bader Academy is a special school in Doncaster, located in the charming village of Edenthorpe, situated in close proximity to the local secondary school, Hungerhill. Due to open in the academic year 2020 – 2021 (September 2020), our academy has been developed to meet the needs of children and young people aged 5-19 years with an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) and a primary diagnosis of Communication & Interaction Difficulties (C&I – primarily high functioning autism spectrum disorder – ASD and Asperger’s) with related Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH). Some may also have specific learning difficulties (SPLD) as an additional need but will not have significant learning difficulties.

Benefiting from a new, modern purpose built site, we have excellent facilities, including playing fields, a multi-use games area (MUGA) and fast charging EV points for cars. Unlike many other free schools, our academy will be opened in partnership with Doncaster Council, who hold the legal responsibility for assessing need and commissioning special school placements. As a result, our catchment area is broad, serving all children from across Doncaster.

The pupils will be functioning higher academically than those in typical special schools, therefore, we have developed a curriculum that will ensure that all of our children and young people have a flexible, personalised education that helps them achieve their full potential.

As part of the Nexus Trust we will continue to deliver the high standards that our other schools achieve and we will provide opportunities for all pupils to have a wide range of experiences and become independent learners, so that they can make a valuable contribution to society. Our aim is to help all our students develop the skills that they need to increase their independence and to move on to future provision. We do this through a mixture of lessons and activities that address core curriculum subjects, vocational learning and social development, using a range of accreditations depending on their abilities.

Due to the Trusts established relationships, we have exceptional links with Partners in Learning (PIL) of which Bader Academy will be a member in a supportive capacity, taking advantage of the network they provide. Executive Head Teacher has been a member of the PIL strategic board and has have worked for them in a number of roles, delivering training and conferences.

We have strong links with Learners First (Rotherham), who provide training and specific leadership courses aimed at NPQ’s and the Fusion Teaching School Alliance (Sheffield) who we work with to support mainstream colleagues with SEND provision. We have a positive relationship with all our Nexus academies and are active members of the Doncaster Special School Partnership. We also pride ourselves on the relationships that we have with all schools involved in the Doncaster School Forum (funding and school budgets), alongside strong community links and parent/carer engagement that we have established during the consultation of the Bader Academy.

We have a strong and positive relationship with the Local Authority and we will have our own Local Governing Board, which endeavours to appoint at least two parent governors, of whom will be fully engaged with the strategic leadership of our school.

Nexus Multi Academy Trust was founded in 2016 and has the highest ambitions possible for anyone and everyone we work with.  The Trust is currently based in and around Doncaster and the Rotherham area, with the majority of our schools catering for special needs, with 1 mainstream primary school.

The Trust has a total pupil roll in excess of 1200 across eight schools (7 special schools and 1 primary school):

The Trust includes both special schools and a community primary school, all of which put pupils at the heart of everything they do, and where each individual school is valued and supported in its own distinct character and context.  Whilst the Trust has overarching policies and procedures, each Head Teacher and Local Governing Body are empowered to make the decisions for their children and young people, meaning there is as small a distance as possible between a child and a decision made which will affect them.

Nexus MAT Vision
The Trust is underpinned by our core values and ethos and works in close partnership with the individual schools.

The vision for Nexus is that we are constantly “Learning together; to be the best we can be.” This vision is what we aspire for and is as relatable to every employee and partner of our Trust as it is to our children, young adults and their families.

In order to achieve our vision, we have the following mission statement:

Our learners and their families are at the centre of what we do; empowered to learn and achieve; valued within our and their communities as visible, resilient, active and responsible citizens.

Our employees and partners are passionate about being the best that they can be; providing opportunities for enriched learning and pathways to employment and independence.

Our Trust is relentlessly focused on improvement; it values and celebrates success and builds partnerships to develop personalised provision with and for those we serve.

The Nexus organisational chart can be accessed here.

Underpinning our vision and mission statement are our core values.  These have been defined by our workforce and governors and resonate with the values that all partners of Nexus hold.

We believe it is really important and that we are, in all the things we plan and do: Inclusive; Child Centred; Family Focused; Caring; Passionate; Nurturing; Encouraging Enriching; Empowering.

We bring these high expectations to everything we do, and we are really excited to work with partners who share this ethos.

To access further information about Nexus MAT Strategic Plan, please click here.

The Trust employs in excess of 600 members of staff and each school is led by a Head Teacher.  Head Teachers are firmly committed to and engaged in Trust business, with Headteacher meetings conducted, allowing an invaluable opportunity to raise and contribute to key issues.

Relationships between Head Teachers of schools in the Trust are collaboratively strong and there is a high degree of mutual trust.

Network groups are in place in areas such as assessment, subject specialisms and key stages and these are working effectively with a focus on sharing best practice, assessing the impact of new requirements and developments, and developing consistent approaches where possible across the Trust.

Relationships with parents, staff and the wider community are fostered first and foremost through the schools in the Trust.

The Trust’s central team brings a great depth of knowledge, experience and skill to the Trust and works closely with Head Teachers, School Business Managers and Governing Bodies across the Trust schools.  Nexus have received a National Governance Award at board level, therefore, any governance the school appoints will be of the highest calibre and is well supported from the central trust.

The way in which our school will be organised and run, as well as the relationship between the pupils and their teachers will be centred on the ethos and culture that will encompass every aspect of school life.

Our ethos and values will ensure that pupils and families feel safe, welcomed and supported in all aspects of life, along with creating an environment that is calm and embraces relaxation to support wellbeing.

Bader School will embrace a ‘Change Maker’ philosophy.  We will look to support our children and young people to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.  Our staff will be change makers in their own right and be forces for good to improve outcomes for people with special educational needs.  In addition to this, we will look to develop positive changes for our whole school community and ourselves.

This will be achieved by all stakeholders sharing our core traits;

SHARE:  Working collaboratively with partners and key stakeholders; a team player who can see abundance and understand that by sharing access and resources, everyone benefits.

BRAVE:  Taking calculated risks and approaching challenges innovatively to achieve maximum impact.

ADAPTABLE:  The confidence to lead change, and the ability to adapt accordingly to maximise teaching and learning outcomes.

LOVE:  Putting our children and young people at the heart of everything you do; considering the impact you and your team will have on their lives.

POSITIVE:  The ability to see challenges as opportunities to make a difference and recognise that change requires a solution-focused approach.

FUTURE:  The ability to drive our vision for the school forward, by seeing the bigger picture and taking a systemic approach to future challenges and opportunities.

Our Vision

  • A place of hope.
  •  A school that pupils and families feel safe welcomed and supported in all aspects of life.
  • An environment that is calm and embraces relaxation to support wellbeing.
  • A place where pupils thrive and make great progress towards personalised goals and aspirational targets.
  • A place where barriers are seen as hurdles to step over.

The staff within all of our trusts academies are our greatest resource.  They are incredibly committed, loyal and dedicated, and always have the best interest of the pupils at heart.  This will be no different at Bader Academy.

Bader Academy will open with an Executive Head Teacher who will work across two schools; Bader Academy and Coppice School.  The Executive Head Teacher will split their time between both schools, however, will provide extensive support to Bader Academy in the first terms.

The Head of School will be responsible for the day to day leadership of the school, with a drive for designing a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum to support our children’s learning experience.  They will have a strategic focus on growth of the school, with the ability to see the opportunities to take the school forward, while firmly establishing and embedding our ethos and values to lead, shape and influence our future.

The Assistant Head Teacher will be responsible for leading the Teaching and Learning, in particular, to develop and manage curriculum, teaching and learning policies and lead all provision of the school in line with its designation.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Executive Head Teacher
  • Head of School (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Assistant Head Teacher (Deputy Designated Safety Lead)

Teaching Staff

  • 6 x Class Teachers (Maths, English and Science Subject Leaders)
  • High Level Teaching Assistants / Teaching Assistants (number will be determined nearer the time of opening)

Our teachers will lead their class support team through shared goals, working in close partnership with parents/carers, external support providers and the local community to provide an excellent educational experience for all.

Administrative Team

  • Office Manager
  • Administration Assistants

Extended Support
Additional support from services such as SALT, CAMHS and other required services will be bought in initially to meet the needs of every child to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The school ethos and culture will one which encapsulates;

  • Incredible relationships
  • Risk takers, innovators
  • Self-improvers and reflective practitioners
  • Comfy in the unknown and visionaries for the future
  • Fun and laughter
  • Passionate about the outcomes of young people
  • Have the highest aspirations for self and others

The school is supported by a strong Executive Leadership Team and award winning Multi Academy Trust.  Nexus have a clear vision for, and proven track record of improving outcomes for all children and young people.

Key Priorities

  • Shaping the school vision.
  • Creating and establishing the right culture.
  • Developing a pupil centred curriculum.
  • Managing relationships with key stakeholders and influential organisations.
  • Modelling high standards in leadership.
  • Pupil intake - 50 in the first year (Year 1 – Year 7), increasing to 84 in the second year (full capacity Year1 – Year11).
  • Develop the School Improvement Plan to reflect the emerging pupil cohort.

Long term priorities

  • To continue to grow in pupil numbers, offering a larger secondary department offering examinations etc. in year two and beyond.
  • Grow and maintain pupil numbers, growing to a maximum capacity of 100.

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