Federation of Goldsborough CE & Sicklinghall CP Schools

Head Teacher


Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the position of Headteacher of the Goldsborough CE Primary and Sicklinghall Community Primary Schools Federation. I hope that you will find the information provided a useful introduction to our school and we look forward to receiving your formal application.

Our two rural primary schools are at the heart of the villages of Goldsborough and Sicklinghall and currently have a combined roll of 157 pupils. Their distinctive ethos, caring culture and welcoming nature draw pupils and their parents from our local communities and beyond.

The schools came together in a Federation at the start of 2017, seeking to build on and share each other’s strengths and create a sustainable resource base for the future. Staff, pupils and parents have all embraced the move and we have already seen significant sharing of experience, ideas and resources across the schools.

We wish to appoint a leader who will build on the many strengths of our Federation and continue to move us forward

To work with our current Learning Partnership schools to further build a model of collaboration across the four schools, including exploration of further federation and the opportunities for all involved that this may bring.

We welcome applications from senior leaders with experience and also from serving Headteachers looking for a new opportunity. Although the vacancy is for a September 2019 start, for the right candidate who is currently in a Headship role, we would offer a January 2020 start.

Goldsborough is a church school and so we are seeking a candidate who can maintain and develop the Christian vision and values of the school, links to the local parish and promote an understanding of other faiths and cultures.

In the changing educational environment, there will be many exciting challenges ahead. The Federation has the benefit of a highly committed, experienced and loyal team of staff, pupils and parents and a supportive single governing body. We look forward to a healthy relationship of mutual support and constructive challenge with the new headteacher.

We are looking for an astute education professional with strong leadership and team development skills, ambition, drive and purpose, to make a difference. This is a unique opportunity for a leading professional to lead our schools, developing their potential and building on our successes and achievements.

We would welcome you to come and visit in advance of your application and see for yourself the enthusiasm that our pupils have for their education and teaching staff have for their welfare and development. Such a visit is not a requirement of the selection process and whether or not applicants have visited will not influence the final outcome.

If you’d like the opportunity to visit, please email Rachel Wales, HR Advisor at North Yorkshire County Council, who has been engaged to support us with recruitment to this key role (rachel.wales@northyorks.gov.uk). For an informal conversation about the role please call Rachel on 01609 532597.

If this sounds like the challenge and opportunity you are looking for, I hope you will consider applying for the post.

Yours faithfully,

Guy Cooper
Chair of Governors


Located within 10 miles of each other, Goldsborough CE Primary and Sicklinghall Community Primary Schools have been a Federation since January 2017, with both schools creating a very warm and welcoming family environment, where pupils are valued as individuals and behaviour models the schools’ values.

We work closely across the two sites and have a single governing body who are fully engaged with the leadership of the Federation. We are also members of the HART Alliance.

Situated in rural settings, we currently have a total pupil roll of 157 (Goldsborough 92 & Sicklinghall 65). Our main catchment area for both schools draw pupils from their ‘home’ village and the surrounding villages, while some travel from further afield.

Goldsborough CE Primary School is situated in the picturesque village of Goldsborough, on the outskirts of the market town of Knaresborough, with close connectivity to the A1. Educational trips for all year groups are organised to enhance the children’s learning experience, including three residential visits during each pupil's time with us. We have an active choir, sports teams and pupil councils, not to mention excellent academic performance.

Sicklinghall Community Primary School is a small, friendly village school, situated in an idyllic location in the village of Sicklinghall, close to the borders of North and West Yorkshire, and within two miles of the market town of Wetherby. Our school building is light and spacious and provides excellent facilities in which our children can flourish. Our curriculum is broad and we offer Spanish for all our children, specialist sports coaching, creative arts activities and strong cultural links both in our own region and abroad. We have a clear understanding of how children learn and continually strive to provide the best possible conditions to facilitate this.  Our premises currently include a library, an outdoor area for the Foundation Stage children, a large playing field with a ‘trim trail’, shelter and a wildlife area in addition to light and airy classrooms.

Both schools offer breakfast clubs and after school clubs, with activities appropriate to the season. We also have a school bus which transports our children to activities and enables the pupils to access the local and wider community.


Since 2017, a Federation-wide leadership team has been developed with the head spending an equal amount of time in each school. In each school, a Teacher in Charge is designated for when the head is not there. Subject leaders for the Federation are in place for Maths and English, however in line with the Ofsted Development Plan, we are working towards Subject Leaders for all subjects.

We have shared SENCo across a learning partnership of four schools and shared HLTA providing PPA cover.

“Your vision is widely shared. Leaders, teachers and governors work together effectively to achieve it. Since federating with a local school, you have strengthened leadership to ensure that the quality of education continues to improve. Your approach to working in collaboration means that the learning culture throughout your school is strong.” - Ofsted (Goldsborough)

Goldsborough has a 4 classroom structure:
 Class 1 – 28 pupils
 Class 2 – 26 pupils
 Class 3 – 25 pupils
 Class 4 – 13 pupils

Age ranges across the 4 classrooms:
 Reception - 15 pupils
 Year 1 – 13 pupils
 Year 2 – 11 pupils
 Year 3 – 15 pupils
 Year 4 – 12 pupils
 Year 5 – 13 pupils
 Year 6 - 13 pupils

Admission Limit: 12

Sicklinghall has a 3 classroom structure:
 Class 1 (Reception/Y1)– 23 pupils
 Class 2 (Y2/3/4) – 26 pupils
 Class 3 (Y5/6) – 16 pupils

Age ranges across the 3 classrooms:
 Reception - 13 pupils
 Year 1 – 10 pupils
 Year 2 – 3 pupils
 Year 3 – 11 pupils
 Year 4 – 12 pupils
 Year 5 – 9 pupils
 Year 6 - 7 pupils

Admission Limit: 9

Admission numbers for September 2019 are anticipated to be as follows:

Goldsborough: 12 - 14
Sicklinghall: 11 - 14


The way in which our schools are organised and run, as well as the relationship between the pupils and staff is based on our child-centred values that pervades every aspect of school life. Both schools offer a warm and welcoming family ethos, where the emphasis is wholeheartedly on educating the whole child and where all pupils are valued as individuals.

Goldsborough CE Primary School is built upon five core values of teamwork, respect, perseverance, inspiration and teamwork. Our vision is “Through the values that Jesus taught us, we work together as one school family; to care for one another, to respect and forgive one another and to encourage one another to be the best that we can be”.

Sicklinghall Community Primary School is centred on their ethos “to achieve the best we can”. To achieve the best we can, we aspire, we are resilient, we embrace challenge, we encourage and we include.


Small cohorts and inward movement at both our schools present a mixed picture when represented as summative data.

DfE School Performance Tables can be accessed here, for Goldsborough CE and here, for Sicklinghall CP.


Goldsborough CE Primary was judged ‘Good’ at its last Ofsted inspection which took place in June 2017.

“Your school is warm and welcoming. This view is shared by parents; they have very positive opinions of what is provided for their children. One parent’s comment represented the views of many, ‘Goldsborough is an excellent, nurturing, caring school. The staff are incredibly friendly and extremely dedicated. The leadership of the school is brilliant. They make parents feel like they are an important part of the school community.’ Children thrive in your school, where they are taught the life skills of respect, teamwork and perseverance.” - - Ofsted

Key Findings

  • Assessment information and observations of reading sessions in key stage 2 show that pupils enjoy reading and are now making better progress from their starting points than they did in previous years. Teachers question pupils skilfully to ensure that they have a full understanding. Pupils use a range of techniques to support their answers. Teachers use high-quality literature linked to topics, which engages pupils well. However, you agreed that sometimes independent reading tasks lack the challenge necessary to enable pupils to deepen their understanding of reading and make better progress.
  • Staff are committed to continuously improving their teaching. Teachers enjoy working together to critically evaluate each other’s work in school and with colleagues in partner schools. As a result, the quality of teaching is good and improving.
  • Subject leaders are knowledgeable and develop their subject areas through a range of monitoring activities. They provide constructive feedback to staff and set review targets to ensure that improvements are made.
  • Teaching of grammar, punctuation and spelling is effective. Teachers encourage and remind pupils to use grammatical features and spelling techniques correctly, to improve their writing. Pupils’ technical skills as writers are developing well.
  • You have taken measures to address the differences in achievement between girls and boys at the end of Reception and Key Stage 1. Pupils’ books show that pupils’ progress in writing is improving; their skills are being developed well. ‘Writing dens’ and opportunities to write outside are evident. However, not all areas of provision, especially areas that are more appealing to boys, are rich in language or provide opportunities for writing. This means that pupils cannot apply their learning independently in their chosen area of work or play.
  • The mathematics leader identified that pupils were not given regular opportunities to solve mathematical problems. The recent introduction of a mastery curriculum has provided a structure for staff so that teaching is starting to address this successfully. However, at times pupils are not moved on quickly enough to ensure that they are sufficiently well challenged.
  • On some occasions, opportunities to deepen pupils’ understanding of a mathematical skill are not evident. Teaching of a skill is sometimes too rapid and does not allow pupils to use and apply what they have learned. Work is beginning to focus on planning sequences so that the appropriate amount of time is given for pupils to master skills.
  • The number of pupils supported through the pupil premium funding is low. Even so, the money is spent well to ensure that these pupils make good progress. One parent commented that, ‘The school knows my daughter well and has used the money to ensure her needs are fully met.’
  • Pupils are well looked after and love coming to school. As one child remarked, ‘We’re not just friends, we’re more like a family.’

Next steps for Goldsborough

Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

  • reading sessions provide sufficient time for all pupils to deepen their understanding of increasingly challenging texts
  • teachers plan more interesting and relevant opportunities for children in the early years, especially boys, to engage in early writing activities
  • pupils are appropriately challenged in mathematics
  • pupils are given time to master a process, skill or operation in mathematics, before being moved on

Sicklinghall Community Primary was judged ‘Good’ at its last Ofsted inspection, which took place in June 2018

“The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. Sicklinghall Primary School is a school where pupils are safe and feel safe. Behaviour is good.” – Ofsted

Inspection findings

  • During the inspection, I was keen to understand what the school is doing to improve standards in phonics. Pupils who do the phonics check in Year 1 now do very well compared to pupils nationally. This represents an improvement since the last inspection. The teaching of phonics in the early years and in Year 1 is strong. Teachers ensure that there is a clear and regular focus on phonics in other areas of learning, so pupils use their phonic skills in their reading and writing throughout each day, which leads to good progress in these areas.
  • I also focused on the provision for disadvantaged pupils, who have previously done less well than their peers in school and nationally. You have also been aware of this issue and have made a concerted effort to ensure that teachers understand these pupils’ needs when planning activities. You now have systems in place to enable any underachievement by pupils, including those who are disadvantaged, to be identified quickly. Teachers respond well and, as a result, disadvantaged pupils are now making good progress and their attainment is improving.
  • A further area of focus for the inspection was how you are improving outcomes in writing and, in particular, pupils’ use of spelling, punctuation and grammar. The improvement in phonics has led to better writing and reading standards in the younger pupils in school. However, pupils in key stage 2 do not write for long enough periods and so they do not gain sufficient stamina to write at length. Equally, they do not practise and improve their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills enough. As a result, progress and attainment in writing is not as good as in reading and mathematics.
  • Another area of focus for the inspection was the assessment systems that you have in place. I wanted to understand if these were fit for purpose. You have created a system in school which enables teachers to easily and quickly identify not only the standard of pupils’ reading, writing and mathematics, but also the gaps in their learning. In turn, this helps teachers to plan activities to fill those gaps and support their good progress.
  • During the inspection, I was keen to understand how well the children in the early years are served. The proportion of children who leave Reception with a good level of development is high. An increasing proportion exceeds this measure. This is partly due to a strong curriculum in the early years, which engages children and which meets their interests well. The assessment of children is accurate and the information this provides is then used well by adults to identify and address any gaps in individual children’s learning. Teaching in the early years is strong. In addition, parents report that the school’s systems enable them to be highly involved in their children’s education. All of this prepares children well for learning in Year 1.
  • Mathematics and reading are taught well in school, and there is a systematic approach to enabling pupils to regularly practise their basic skills and to then use and apply these skills in these subjects. Pupils are often given challenging activities to push them, and this helps them to make good progress. However, at times, the level of challenge for the most able is lacking, which means their progress is not always as rapid as other groups’ progress.
  • Pupils’ well-being is a clear priority for the school. For example, pupils do physical education lessons which are taught by specialists. They also have the chance to do after-school sporting activities, which again are led by specialists. This means that a high proportion of pupils take part in sport on a regular basis. The sports premium funding the school has received has also been used to improve the outdoor facilities for the pupils at playtime. These facilities enhance pupils’ gross motor skills and mean that they are well engaged and highly active during playtime.
  • Governors make a positive contribution to school life. They know that the school has improved since the last inspection, and are keen to continue these improvements. They are honest and knowledgeable about what the school needs to do to further improve the school. They also understand their role in questioning and challenging leaders so that decisions made are in the best interests of the pupils.

Next steps for Sicklinghall

Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

  • teachers provide regular opportunities for pupils to write at length, so that they can build their stamina for writing and can improve their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills
  • teachers provide all pupils, especially the most able in key stage 2, with challenge on a consistent basis, so that more of these pupils can reach the highest standards in reading, writing and mathematics

Strengths / improvements - Federation

  • Focus on improving outcomes in mathematics for both schools
  • Opportunities to write for a range of purposes
  • Further strengthen partnership working to enable leaders at all levels to have a positive impact on outcomes across the Federation


Goldsborough CE Primary was judged ‘Good’ at its last SIAMS inspection which took place in March 2017.

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Goldsborough Church of England Primary School as a Church of England school are good

  • The school is well led by a dedicated and enthusiastic headteacher, supported by staff and governors, who are all committed to a Christian vision that has a significant impact on standards, behaviour and relationships throughout the school.
  • Children are confident and enjoy learning and their attainment is usually at least in line and often above national standards.
  • The school nurtures and supports vulnerable children and their families very well, by helping to remove barriers to learning and putting in place support programmes to address specific needs.
  • Children are polite and welcoming and they care for each other and are empathetic to the needs of others.
  • There are good opportunities for children to take on responsibilities which encourage them to make a positive contribution to both their school and their community.
  • The school has close links with the local church and this significantly contributes to pupils’ spiritual development.

Areas to improve

  • Further develop the aims of the school to promote specific Christian values so that they become more explicit in the life of the school.
  • The new governing body should establish a systematic, robust schedule of monitoring and evaluating the school’s performance as a church school which involves all stakeholders. Outcomes should identify best practice and areas for development should feed into the School Development Plan and secure further improvement.
  • Increase the role of the Collective Worship Committee so that pupils take on more responsibility for planning, leading and monitoring collective worship.


  • Secure the work of the Federation through shared curriculum leadership and increased capacity for middle leaders to lead
  • Improved outcomes in mathematics
  • Continued partnership working, strengthening current arrangements and looking towards new arrangements where such arrangements would have a positive impact on pupils
  • Building development- Goldsborough, to include refurbished Class 3 and ‘old’ end of the building
  • Development of kitchen at Sicklinghall, producing meals on site
  • Academisation should continue to be tabled as an agenda item
  • Further partnership working (Learning Partnership currently consists of four small schools, Goldsborough, Sicklinghall and one other Federation)
  • Budget at Goldsborough- consideration taken to reducing any future deficit, particularly around SEND
  • Capacity for middle leaders to lead
  • Building and space challenges at Sicklinghall


As with all schools, budgets are constrained, however, the Federation’s schools are not currently in deficit. Both schools are in a healthy position with carry forward reserves of around £120,000 across the Federation and capital reserves of around £30,000. Each school currently has its own budget which are carefully managed. Goldsborough has a healthy budget (current budget surplus of c£45,000) and is likely to break even in three years. Sicklinghall has a very healthy budget, (current budget surplus of c£75,000) boosted by a rise in pupil numbers and is likely to be still reporting a surplus in three years.


Relations with our communities are strong. The communities we serve comprise of village residents and residents of surrounding villages. Goldsborough have a large percentage of families from outer Knaresborough, with some travelling in from Harrogate and Boroughbridge. Sicklinghall have a large percentage of families from Wetherby, with some travelling from out of catchment villages.

Our schools are at the heart of their communities and our engagement with parents/carers is imperative. We have an outstanding system of pastoral care for pupils and their families and maintain communication via a weekly newsletter, information evenings, special assemblies, parent/carers lunch celebrations and the school council. We also have FROGS (Goldsborough) and PTFA (Sicklinghall) active PTAs who participate in and host events in our local community, raising funds which allow for many enhancement activities as well as improved facilities across the school.

“Pupils conduct themselves well at all times of the day, and relationships between different groups of pupils, and between adults and pupils, are very strong. This means that bullying is very rare, as are serious behaviour incidents. As a result, pupils feel safe and parents believe that their children are safe, happy and well cared for in school. Parents also report that you listen to their concerns and deal with these quickly and effectively. They also feel well informed about what is happening at school, and about how well their child is doing. Teaching effectively engages pupils.” – Ofsted (Sicklinghall)

Both schools have a positive and supportive relationship with the Local Authority and Diocese via Adviser visits. There are strong links between both churches. We participate actively in the life of the church and of the community. Churches and schools are mutually supportive and the schools are welcomed into the churches for key events.

Both schools are members of HART Alliance. All members benefit from collaborative support to improve learning outcomes for pupils and continued professional development (CPD) of teachers and potential teachers and access to SCITT.


The Federation has links with regional and international schools. We currently have reciprocal visits with a school in Keighley, where our children can learn from a more urban and culturally diverse environment.

We have international links with a school in Bangkok, Thailand and we host annual visits from their Year 5 and 6 pupils and organise biannual week-long visits for our Year 5 and 6s to Thailand.


Within the county of North Yorkshire are the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks, three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Pennines and a stunning coastline around Scarborough and Whitby. The area hosted the opening stages of the Tour de France in 2014, and due to its success has created the Tour de Yorkshire with global recognition, which will be contested for the fifth time over three days in 2019. There are ruined castles and abbeys, serene gardens, unique breweries, thrilling rides and industrial heritage. Something for everyone!

For outdoor enthusiasts North Yorkshire has plenty to offer. From the hard gritstone of Almscliffe and Brimham Rocks to the limestone of Malham, Gordale and Kilnsey, climbing venues are in abundance. The Yorkshire Dales is a premier area for caving while for mountain biking there are the bridleways of the Dales and North York Moors as well as the renowned trail centre at Dalby Forest. Further afield, the Lake District and the fells, crags and coast of Northumberland are all easily accessible for days and weekends away.

There are a small number of sailing clubs on reservoirs around the county and fantastic, if chilly, surf sport venues and sea kayaking on the east coast.

While the county is rightly known for its wide open spaces, it also incorporates attractive market towns including Knaresborough, Ripon, Malton, Helmsley, Northallerton and Skipton, the traditional seaside towns of Whitby and Scarborough, as well as the ancient city of York, the most visited city outside of London. With a wide range of shopping, leisure and cultural facilities as well as excellent schools, universities, road and rail links, there really is everything to offer you and your family as a place to work, live and enjoy.

Travelling further afield we have convenient connectivity, with close proximity to metropolitan cities of Leeds and Newcastle and a journey time of under two hours by rail from York to London. We border the Lake District, Lancashire, County Durham, and Yorkshire and Humber regions with all they have to offer.

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Federation of Goldsborough CE & Sicklinghall CP Schools North Yorkshire

Number on Roll: 157

Post: Headteacher

Commencing: September 2019, or January 2020 for Outstanding Candidates Currently in Headship

Salary: L13 – L19: £53,724 - £62,262 (Starting point within the scale may vary depending upon experience)

Would you like to join a team who are really proud of our happy school environments and all work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes and achievement for all our children?

This is an excellent opportunity for a strategic professional to lead, shape and further develop a Federation of two primary schools.

To work with our current Learning Partnership schools to further build a model of collaboration across the four schools, including exploration of further federation and the opportunities for all involved that this may bring.

You will be working alongside a committed team of staff and a governing body that is ambitious for the schools, with high aspirations for all pupils and staff.

We are seeking to appoint an inspirational, resilient and experienced professional, who is able to effectively motivate and inspire our children, staff and stakeholders. This will include looking at new and innovative ideas to continue to raise teaching standards across both schools, maintain and strengthen arrangements for our Federation and further develop our partnership working.

The Federation of Goldsborough CE & Sicklinghall CP Schools is important to us and the local communities. Both create a very warm and welcoming family environment, where pupils are valued as individuals and behaviour models the schools’ values.

Each school has a catchment area comprising of village residents and residents of surrounding villages, with a large percentage of families traveling from further afield. The area is an amazing place to live and work, situated in an idyllic location, with close connectivity to the A1.

You will have a demonstrable track record of raising standards across the age ranges and the ambition, skills and experience to lead both schools, which offer challenge and opportunity in equal measure. A strong communicator, you will have the ability to forge and promote positive relationships with all staff and our parent/family community. Visible and accessible, you must also have the ability to further develop our team, effectively deploying staff and other resources.

You must be financially astute, possessing the skills to build partnerships, while delivering an outstanding educational provision that is sustainable for the long term. In addition, you must possess analytical skills to be able to interpret and use data to drive performance, and manage resources while ensuring our friendly, supportive and caring culture is maintained.

You will lead committed and loyal staff and will receive strong support from the governors, Diocese, Local Authority Advisers and Hart Teaching Alliance.

For an informal conversation about the role please call Rachel Wales who is supporting this recruitment process on behalf of Federation of Goldsborough CE & Sicklinghall CP Schools. She can be contacted at North Yorkshire County Council on 01609 532597.

We very much welcome school visits. If you would like the opportunity to visit, please email rachel.wales@northyorks.gov.uk We can accommodate a visit on most school days to suit prospective candidates.

When applying please take into account the following:

Supporting Information

The supporting information section of your application should clearly evidence your ability to meet the requirements we have outlined in the person specification. The information in Supporting Information will be used to shortlist applicants for this role and therefore it is imperative that you provide evidence as requested.


When completing your application, please provide 2 employment references. A faith reference is not required.

Supporting Documentation

Job Description
Person Specification

How to Apply

To apply, click on the button below which will take you to the NYCC website. You should complete and submit the application form available on this site. Please note your application must be made on the supplied application form. CVs will not be accepted and should not be submitted with your application. 

When applying please take into account the following:

Supporting Information

The supporting information section of your application should clearly evidence your ability to meet the requirements we have outlined in the person specification. The information in Supporting Information will be used to shortlist applicants for this role and therefore it is imperative that you provide evidence as requested.


When completing your application, please provide 2 employment references. A faith reference is not required.

Key Dates:

School Visits: Anytime by arrangement with Rachel Wales

Application closing date: Midnight, Sunday 12 May 2019

Shortlisting: Wednesday 15 May 2019

Interviews: Monday 20 & Tuesday 21 May 2019

Federation of Goldsborough CE and Sicklinghall CP Schools