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Headteacher - Easingwold Community Primary School


Dear Applicant

Thank you very much for taking an interest in the position of Headteacher at Easingwold Community Primary School. I hope that you will find the information provided a useful introduction to our school and that you will take the opportunity to apply for the post.

Our governors are seeking to appoint a leader who will build on the school’s many strengths. We are a caring, inclusive school, that our pupils, staff, parents, governors and our community are proud of. Our school motto 'Excellence For All' reflects the work we do. It epitomises the attitudes we foster towards one another; captures the pride in which we take in all aspects of our work and illustrates the inclusive nature of our teaching and wider school ethos.

We wish to appoint a Headteacher who will continue to take our school forward. In the changing educational environment, there will be many exciting challenges ahead. The school has the benefit of a supportive governing body and good links with the community and other stakeholders.

In terms of challenges, we are looking to improve our performance and to build on our current Ofsted rating of Good. To do this, we require the new headteacher to continue the development of our staff and deliver further progress in our SATs results.

I would encourage you to come and visit in advance of your application and see for yourself the enthusiasm that our pupils have for their education.  Such a visit is not part of the selection process and whether or not applicants have visited will not influence the final outcome.

If you would like the opportunity to visit, please email Steve Cooper at North Yorkshire County Council or call him on 01609 536578. Steve will also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I hope you find the information provided useful and informative and that it will encourage you to apply. On behalf of the governing body, thank you again for your interest in Easingwold Community Primary School.

Yours faithfully,

David Linsley


Chair of Governors

Located 10 miles north of York, Easingwold is an historic Georgian market town with a population of around 5,000 people. Primarily a middle and working class town with minimal diverse ethnicity, Easingwold is seen as a gateway to the North York Moors and a popular destination for visitors and tourists.

A market town with a large number of cafes, pubs, takeaways and shops. Easingwold also runs local golf, football and cricket clubs and the Galtres Centre is the hub of the town, hosting a variety of events from cinema evenings and live productions to indoor bowls and gym.

Easingwold has both a primary school and secondary school, the secondary school being recently academised. A number of nurseries and out of school clubs support the local area.

We are a self-managed school with links to a number of local village schools in the surrounding Easingwold area. The school takes part in a variety of cluster events including athletics, football and netball. Educational visits for all years are a regular occurrence, including year 2 sleepover, year 3 camping and residentials trips from year 4. We also provide music lessons and have an orchestra. A wide range of clubs are available both during and after school including judo, ukulele club, Warhammer, running club, choir and orchestra.

We also have Livewires day care on site. They run a breakfast and after school club, whilst also acting as a nursery for younger children. Livewires is open between 7:30am and 6:00pm.

Our pupils are friendly and polite. Repeatedly, positive comments are made by external visitors and parents about the behaviour of our children. A notable comment was also made in the 2019 Ofsted report, praising their politeness and attitude.

There is capacity within the school to accommodate growth in child numbers, which is anticipated by the local authority due to a significant number of housing developments being built in Easingwold.

Looking to the future, the Governors are keen for the school’s leadership team to continue to focus on the improvement of results and to move the school forward from Good to Outstanding. The school is also looking to continue to develop staff and NQTs to ensure effective succession planning for all roles to ensure long term continuity.

Our school motto 'Excellence For All' reflects the work we do. It epitomises the attitudes we foster towards one another; captures the pride in which we take in all aspects of our work and illustrates the inclusive nature of our teaching and wider school ethos. Easingwold Primary School is a caring, inclusive place.

Our core values and our vision are at the heart of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning philosophies; drive our strategic and financial decision making and provide a benchmark through which to judge our success.

Outcomes For Pupils:

  • An unwavering ambition to ensure all children are equipped with the academic and social skills needed to be ready for the next stage in their education.
  • Fostering a thirst for the acquisition of knowledge and recognising that learning is a life-long skill.
  • Embracing a culture of self-awareness and respect to allow us to grow as citizens.

Teaching and Learning:

  • Empowered creative and inspirational staff who inspire children to achieve highly.
  • Enabling our children to widen their horizons and aspire to personal excellence through the development of a broad and exciting curriculum which places experiences as a high priority.
  • Permitting the taking of risks by means of exploring new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.


  • Encouraging the pursuit of excellence at all tiers of school organisation by creating a culture of collective responsibility.
  • Expecting and encouraging teaching and learning initiatives that drive standards upwards: permitting the taking of risks.
  • Children’s learning and well-being is at the heart of all our decision making processes.
  • Accountability for pupil achievement through rigorous monitoring and high expectations.
  • Teachers and leaders who model life-long learning.

Personal Development and Behaviour:

  • Actively encouraging children to take ownership of their behaviour.
  • Embedding a self-set, target driven culture which encourages learners to strive to surpass them.
  • Rewarding nothing less than outstanding behaviour and educational endeavour.
  • Staff are pro-active members of our school community.
  • Valuing self-esteem and celebrating our unique and individual strengths.

We are currently rated Good by Ofsted - 5th April 2019

Current levels of pupil achievement, attainment and progress:

The school has undergone a dramatic improvement over the past three years, resulting in achievement of a Good Ofsted rating. The previous headteacher was recruited with the mandate to improve results across the school and create clarity of information and accountability of the leadership team to the governing body. This was successfully achieved. However, there is a strong desire to continue the upward trend with the aim to deliver an Outstanding school in the next Ofsted review. The SLT is encouraged to collaboratively design the syllabus and cross-syllabus learning is the current focus to bring English and Maths into all learning topics. Pupil Premium children perform below their non-Pupil Premium compatriots, but the gap is closing.

Current school strengths:

  • Teaching is on the up with an engaged and keen workforce. Teacher reviews and feedback is carried out by the current Headteacher. The Headteacher provides coaching and actively promotes outstanding levels of teaching. The SLT works well together and has significant experience of the school.
  • The SLT and governing body are all engaged and collaborative.
  • The school has a good reputation with parents and the local community, however more can be done to further embed strong community relationships.
  • Fantastic SENCo in the school. Working with the Pupil Premium lead, focus is strong on ensuring all children achieve their potential. Safeguarding is at the forefront of the schools thinking.
  • The children are polite, well behaved and enjoy attending school.

Current areas identified for improvement:

  • All core curriculum topics require unrelenting focus to ensure results continue on an upward trajectory. Just a few years ago, the school’s results were poor in maths and English. However, strong leadership and dedicated staff have turned this around. It is paramount that constant focus remains on quality of teaching and performance of pupils in these areas.
  • Budgetary pressures have prevented any significant investment in the infrastructure of the school (although general maintenance is ongoing). As budgets loosen slightly, appropriate but prudent spending plans need to be considered to ensure the school’s physical offering meet the needs of the children.

School Priorities:

Priority 1: Significantly Improve Pupil Outcomes in Maths by:

  • Improving the consistency of mathematics teaching, including the clarity of teachers’ explanations and subsequent peer observation of most skilled teachers.
  • Eliminating existing gaps in pupils’ mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Ensuring that pupils’ misconceptions are quickly identified and rectified, before they move on to more challenging work.
  • Providing frequent opportunities for pupils to develop and explain their reasoning skills.
  • Developing the outdoor area in the early years, so that there is an increased focus on learning about and from numbers.
  • Maintaining a focus on the PP progress and ensuring the continuation of PP Parent Meetings, 1:1 Tuition for those PP children who look like missing FFT20 targets.

Improve the quality of teaching further so that it is consistently good throughout the school by ensuring that teachers:

  • Continue to plan work to help pupils make good progress in key stage 2 mathematics, both at the expected and the higher standard.


Priority 2: Significantly Improve Pupil Outcomes in Reading and Spelling by:

  • Introducing whole class guided reading so as to promote enjoyment and access to comprehension tasks, reduce activities that are not targeted to new learning.
  • Revise Spelling system in school to provide a focus on spelling rules and reduce lost teaching time on assessment of spelling.
  • Raise profile of spelling in school through introduction of competitive element linked to existing rewards systems.


Improve the quality of teaching further so that it is consistently good throughout the school by ensuring that teachers:

  • Set consistently high expectations of pupils’ accurate use of punctuation and grammar in written work across a range of subjects.
  • Routinely help pupils to identify spelling errors of common words so that these are not repeated.


Priority 3: Curriculum

  • Revisit curriculum progression to ensure skills are built upon and repetition is eliminated.
  • Bolster the work of subject leaders to ensure that Subject Leaders have an overview of intent, implementation and impact on outcomes for their curriculum area.
  • Support ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum entitlement by bringing interventions into classroom.


Priority 4: Other Aspects of School Life that ensure the smooth day to day running of the school

  • Ensure that all safeguarding actions identified through the Safeguarding Audit are completed and success evaluated.
  • Ensure that all actions contribute wherever possible to a balanced budget.

SLT team and responsibilities:

  • Acting head, DSL, Assessment.
  • Acting Deputy, DDSL, Numeracy lead, KS1 lead teacher, Pupil Premium.
  • SENCO and DDSL.
  • Literacy lead and Year 3/4 lead teacher.
  • 2x part time EYFS teachers and EYFS leads.

The 14 members of support staff are utilised incredibly well within school. GTAs work with groups within lessons and supporting individual children, HLTA cover PPA, HLTAs and ATA provide intervention groups across the school, calming groups at the start of the day and SATS revision groups. They are a very strong dedicated support team.

Number of full time teachers: 7


Number of part time teachers: 5

EYFS - 0.6 FTE

EYFS - 0.4 FTE

Year 1/2 - 0.4 teacher

Year 5 - 0.8 teacher

SENCO - 0.4 teacher


Class structure

The class structure is dependent upon numbers each year.


1 x EYFS class

3 x Year 1/2 classes

2 x Year 3/4 classes

1 x Year 5 class

1 x Year 6 class

Non-teaching staff: an office manager, an administration officer and a site manager.

Staff relationships - the staff are an incredibly dedicated, driven and hard-working team. There is a strong leadership team leading the vision. Staff are very supportive of each other and are able to observe each other as part of their professional development.

Budgetary Position

Like all schools, our budget has been extremely tight in recent years, driven by a squeeze on per-pupil funding and a slight reduction in pupil numbers. Having said that, our projections show a balanced budget for the next 3 years. The Local Authority anticipate that there is potential for the school to grow significantly beyond FY21/22, however, this is speculative and not yet forecast.

Easingwold is a traditional affluent, non-ethnically diverse market town, with a changing demographic. Traditionally, our children have come to us from a mix of homes, including a large affordable housing estate and privately owned properties. However, there is a large increase in new housing, including a large number of affordable houses, contributing to a broader range of backgrounds in school.


Communication with parents and carers is a key part of school life. The head leads a range of communications with parents including termly year group and weekly whole school newsletters, emails and a text service.  Staff are outside school before and after school as a welcome face and a point of contact. Parents and carers are regularly invited into school to share children’s work and achievements for example achievement assembly, landing events at the end of topics, parents’ evenings, music concerts and church services. There is a whole school open door policy for parents to drop in to see class teachers. Online surveys are regularly used to gain pupil and parent voice.


Easingwold Community Primary School leads a number of school events throughout the school calendar. These include performances in the Galtres Centre, Harvest festival, Christmas service, choir singing in the town and summer fayre. Throughout the year children partake in whole school charity fundraising events. There is a hard-working PTA of parents, carers and members of the wider community which has made an amazing difference to the life of the school. They have funded a new library and learning hub which is at the heart of school life. The PTA has made strong links with the local community and businesses to help purchase equipment including sports kits and a 3D printer. We are keen to keep engagement strong and would look to the incoming head to further develop positive engagement.

Local Authority

There are strong historical links between the Local Authority, Headteacher and teachers. Governors have also had support when required, such as with recruitment. Local Authority headcount has reduced recently and support seems to be diminished, therefore it should not be expected that the level of Local Authority support will continue as previously experienced.


The governing body have a good working relationship with the staff. Teachers regularly attend Full Governing Body to lead meetings on their subject. Governors are a constant presence in school, helping in classes, helping on school visits, leading clubs and regularly monitoring. The Chair of Governors meets with the Headteacher on a fortnightly basis and is in regular email contact.

North Yorkshire is England's largest county and one of the most rural. The area comprises the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a stunning coastline around Scarborough and Whitby. There are ruined castles and abbeys, serene gardens, unique breweries, thrilling rides and industrial heritage. The area hosted the phenomenal Tour de France Grand Depart in 2014 and has since created the Tour de Yorkshire, an annual event with global recognition. Our success in supporting these events led to Harrogate hosting the UCI Cycling World Championships in 2019.

North Yorkshire has plenty to offer the outdoor enthusiast. From the hard gritstone of Almscliff and Brimham rocks to the limestone of Malham, Gordale and Kilnsey climbing venues are in abundance. The Yorkshire Dales is the premier area for caving and for mountain biking; there are the bridleways of the Dales and North York Moors as well as the renowned trail centre at Dalby Forest. There are a small number of sailing clubs on reservoirs around the county and fantastic surfsport venues and sea kayaking on the east coast.

While the county is rightly known for its wide open spaces, it also incorporates attractive market towns including Pickering and Helmsley, traditional seaside towns, the Spa town of Harrogate and the ancient city of York - the most visited city outside of London. There are a wide range of shopping, leisure and cultural facilities as well as excellent schools, universities, road and rail links, there really is everything to offer you and your family as a place to work, live and enjoy!

Travelling further afield we have convenient connectivity, with close proximity to metropolitan cities of Leeds and Newcastle, with little over two hours commute on the main train line to London. We border the Lake District, Lancashire, County Durham, and Yorkshire & Humber regions with all they have to offer.

Easingwold Community Primary School, Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HJ

Post: Headteacher

Number on Roll: 220

Commencing:  September 2020

Salary:  L15-L21  £57,986 - £67,183

Easingwold is a small market town in North Yorkshire. With a population of just under 5,000, it is located about 10 miles north of the City of York, at the foot of the Howardian Hills.

The town, mentioned in the Domesday Book, benefits from its locality to York which has good railway connection to Leeds, Sheffield and Hull as well as all major destinations including a particularly swift service to London. Road connections via the A64 and A1 provide good access to the coast as well as the wider motorway network.

At Easingwold Community Primary School we aim to equip all our children with the skills and knowledge necessary to flourish in a world in which the only constant is change. We are a fast-moving and rapidly evolving place with dedicated governors and staff, supportive parents and engaged children. Our central aim is to enable both our children and staff to achieve their potential by providing memorable learning experiences. We have very high expectations of everyone within our school. We work hard, behave courteously and enjoy the learning journey together.

Currently rated as Good by Ofsted (2019) we are very much on an upward trajectory. To take us on this exciting journey, we are looking to appoint a committed and experienced professional able to shape our improvement plan while continuing to raise standards, develop teaching staff, provide clear leadership and ensure that key targets are set and achieved.

A strong communicator, you must be able to motivate inspire and influence pupils, staff and stakeholders. As well as directing the school’s strategic planning, you will lead the development of the curriculum, strengthen performance and deliver an outstanding provision which ensures better outcomes for all our children.

To succeed, you must be a proven leader able to set and achieve challenging goals, maximise pupil achievement and analyse, understand and interpret data. Visible and approachable you will need the presence and confidence to further develop engagement with the wider school community.

For an informal, confidential conversation about the role, please call Steve Cooper who is supporting this recruitment process on behalf of Easingwold Community Primary School and can be contacted at North Yorkshire County Council on 01609 536578 / 07976 653898.

We strongly recommend that you visit us so we can share with you why we are so proud of our school, allowing you the opportunity to see what we have to offer.  If you would like the opportunity to visit, please email

Key dates

  • School visits:  Tuesday 3 March @ 1:15pm, Tuesday 10 March @1:15pm and Thursday 12 March @1:15pm
  • Closing date for applications:  Midnight, Sunday 15 March
  • Shortlisting:  Wednesday 18 March
  • Assessment Event:  Monday 30 & Tuesday 31 March

Supporting Documents

When applying please take into account the following:

Supporting Information

The supporting information section of your application should clearly evidence your ability to meet the requirements we have outlined in the person specification. This will be used to shortlist applicants for this role and therefore it is imperative that you provide evidence as requested.


When completing your application, please provide two employment references