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Headteacher - Ralph Butterfield Primary School 


Dear Headteacher Applicant,

Welcome to our dedicated Headteacher recruitment webpage, which aims to provide you with all the information about our school and the current Headteacher vacancy.  Thank you for taking the time to visit, we hope that the information we have provided encourages you to make an application for this vital post.

Ralph Butterfield Primary School is a good school with outstanding provision, situated in Haxby, four miles North of the City of York.  It is a mixed primary school with 319 children.  The school was rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in December 2011 and, with an experienced and highly successful teaching and learning team, has continued to develop strong and successful early years provision and a rich, relevant and engaging Key Stage 2 curriculum which gives all the children access to the core subjects supplemented by a rich arts and sports offer.  We recognise the importance of strong partnerships with parents and carers, the community and the City of York Council and our ambition is that Ralph Butterfield Primary continues to develop as a centre of excellence for the provision of primary education learning from ‘what works’ and building on strong relationships with the other two primary schools in Haxby and Wigginton.

The Governing Body want to appoint a Headteacher who will take the school further as a learning organisation and build upon the outstanding practice and high standards already established in our school.  Working closely with all our team, our parents and carers and our community, we need an inspirational leader who will motivate all our staff to feel valued and trusted as professionals, whilst being supported and held accountable in their work as teachers and classroom assistants, lunchtime and office staff, cleaners and caretaker…all focused on high expectations and raising standards.

This is a unique opportunity for someone to lead our school into the next stage of its development, building on our strengths, successes and achievements, learning from ’what works’ and providing our children with access to the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to be happy, healthy, safe and successful.

We would encourage you to come and visit in advance of your application.  Such a visit is not part of the selection process, and whether or not applicants have visited will not influence the final outcome.

If you would like to visit or require additional information, please contact Rachel Wales, Resourcing Business Partner, who is supporting us with this key appointment ( For an informal, confidential conversation about the role please call Rachel on 01609 532597 / 07973 692529.

On behalf of the governing body, thank you again for your interest in Ralph Butterfield Primary School.

Yours faithfully,

Charlotte Kindesjo
Co-Chair of Governors

Ralph Butterfield Primary School is situated in the thriving town of Haxby on the outskirts of York. The school was named after the late Dr Ralph Butterfield, a local man and Chairman of the old North Riding Education Committee who became Pro-Chancellor of the University of York.  A mixed primary school, we are proud of our ethos and values which are lived out by school leaders and staff on a daily basis, which are fundamental to its success.  We are an open, happy and welcoming school, where every person is valued and where we allow the children to develop as children and grow together.

The school building is old, which brings about challenges, however, the school is well positioned and enjoys spacious grounds.  There are separate playgrounds for KS1 and KS2 pupils to the front of the building.  The Early Years classes also have access to a purpose built play area and to the rear of the school there is a large playing field.  A fenced off area to the side of the field contains a purpose built wildlife area, used to enhance the curriculum for science and geography.

The school comprises of a large, multipurpose hall from which there is access to a school kitchen.  There are eleven classrooms, many of which have additional outside working spaces.  The school boasts a large computer suite, which is in addition to the provision of computers in individual classrooms.  All classrooms also have interactive whiteboards/touchscreen TVs and there are processors available for use in all classrooms.  The school also employs its own catering team, which enables the cook to purchase food locally in the village and use produce grown by children at school.

Our school has a range of pastoral provisions including wrap-around care from 08:00am – 18:00pm.  We offer a breakfast club and after-school club (all ages) where a variety of activities are offered. Clubs including dance, basketball, cricket, gymnastics, netball, football, athletics, art, cookery, yoga and gardening are also available.  We have a strong local reputation for success in sports and regularly participate in sporting competitions such as cross country, rugby, cricket, football, netball and an annual dance festival.

Ralph Butterfield Primary School is very inclusive and offers a full extra-curricular programme, which enriches the lives and raises aspirations of our pupils, affording them opportunities to explore wider Britain including annual residential trips for Year 6 to Robin Wood, Todmorden.  Educational trips for all year groups are organised to enhance the children’s learning experience including; trips to Beningbrough Hall, Monk Park Farm, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, National Railway Museum, Barley Hall and cinema and theatre outings.  We also organise for a variety of external visitors to visit the school to enhance our offering, including; authors, engineers, NSPCC, community police, local church groups, history theme day facilitators, librarians and artists.

We also have a playgroup provision on site run by an external organisation.  Our working relationships are positive and arrangements are made for the playgroup to share other areas of the site as appropriate through prior arrangement.

We strive for educational excellence and have a collective desire to serve our community, strengthen our schools and support one another within this changing educational landscape.  We work collaboratively with our local primary schools Headlands Primary School and Wigginton Primary School.  The staff meet regularly to share advice, projects and training when needed, with the main focus on improving aspects of the English and Mathematics provision across the three schools.  Some INSET days are shared with partnership schools for economies of scale where external trainers are brought in.  The children across the partnership schools also participate in events together, such as writing Remembrance Poems with a visiting author and the children sharing those poems with each other on visiting each other’s schools.

We also have a positive relationship with Joseph Rowntree Secondary School, forming strong bonds for transition to secondary school.

We have a strong and positive relationship with the Local Authority and a very supportive Governing Body, who are fully engaged with the strategic leadership of our school.

Our staff are our greatest resource and are incredibly committed, loyal and dedicated and always have the best interest of the pupils at heart.  Our staff endeavour to provide the very best support to our children in terms of their wellbeing and academic progress and attainment.

Our teachers lead their class support team through shared goals, working in close partnership with parents/carers, governors and the local community to provide an excellent educational experience for all.

School visitors regularly comment on the warm and happy atmosphere within the building and it is evident that all staff have the care of the children as their top priority.

SLT Structure

  • Interim Headteacher
  • 2 x Interim Assistant Headteachers (1 x leadership responsibilities for EYFS, overseeing and the link from teaching EYFS leaders with SLT and KS1. 1 x leadership responsibilities for KS2)

Middle Leaders / Teaching Staffing Structure

  • 1 x out of class SENDCO – 1.5 days per week - line manager for TAs
  • Job shared EYFS leader post
  • Subject leaders for Maths, English, Phonics, Computing, Science, PE, PSHE, MFL (French is taught to KS2), DT, Art, RE, History, Geography, Music
  • EVC leader (Assistant Head)
  • Designated teacher for PLAC (Assistant Head)
  • 4 x PT teachers job sharing in Reception classes (across 2 classes)
  • 1 x FTE Teacher - Y1 class
  • 1 x FTE Teacher - Y1/2 class
  • 1 x FTE Teacher - Y2 class
  • 1 x FTE Teacher - Y3 class
  • 1 x FTE Teacher - Y3/4 class
  • 2 x PT Teachers (job sharing) - Y4 class
  • 1 x FTE Teacher - Y5 class
  • 1 x FTE Teacher - Y5/6 class
  • 1 x FTE Teacher - Y6 class
  • 2 x HLTAs – 1 covering PPA for 4 days per week & 1 covering PPA for 2 days per week
  • 2 x FTE TAs - EYFS
  • 1 x FTE TA across 3 KS1 classes + an extra TA2 day
  • 1 x FTE TA across 3 UKS2 classes + an extra TA day
  • 1 x PT ELSA (additional TA work in LKS2)
  • Dual placement child who attends in the afternoons has a 1:1 TA
  • Display technician 1 day who is also a part time TA doing intervention groups and 1:1 work with SEND children

Non-Teaching Staffing Structure

  • 1 x School Business Manager
  • 1 x PA to the Headteacher
  • 2 x part-time job sharing Secretaries
  • 1 x Admin Assistant
  • 1 x Senior Midday Supervisory Assistant
  • 7 x Midday Supervisory Assistants
  • 1 x Manager School Cook
  • 3 x Catering Assistants
  • 1 x Caretaker

Our vision is to provide our children with a curriculum offer in which each individual develops a love of learning and is provided with the conditions they need in order to grow, achieve and be ready for the next stage of their education; a curriculum that is exciting, inspirational and full of memorable experiences that value, and instil a love of, all subjects.

Our children are happy, positive and resilient and all adults are enthused with a real passion for the ethos and culture of the school.  Learning environments, inside and outside, are motivational, engaging and interactive.  Parent and community engagement is positive, high profile and an embedded part of the school’s culture.  High standards of progress and attainment are maintained and improved within, and as a result of this exciting curriculum we have created a positive and happy learning environment.

Values & ethos
Our ethos is based on our core values of Imagine, Believe, Strive and Achieve and the way in which the school is organised and run, as well as the relationship between the pupils themselves and their teachers is based on the ethos that pervades every aspect of School life.  The emphasis is wholeheartedly on educating the whole child in readiness for life beyond school.

Our mission is to develop emotionally resilient young people, who have a positive sense of self-worth and are prepared to be good citizens. Our school promotes a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which every child develops independence and achieves the highest possible standards. Each child’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships between children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community.

Current Attainment & Progress
The vast majority of pupils make good progress and where progress is slower, there are explainable reasons for this. Attainment is consistently above national average. Interventions to support children where progress is an issue are timely and bespoke to the needs of the child. The ELSA and TA timetables are needs driven and regularly reviewed to ensure support is effectively provided where it is most needed.

Please click here to access DfE information.

Pupil Data

  • 22 Pupil Premium children 7%
  • 30 children on the SEND register 9%
  • 19 FSM children 6%
  • 7 PLAC children 2%
  • 1 child on a child in need plan 0.3%
  • 2 children on child protection plans 0.6%
  • 4 children with a FEHA 1%
  • 2 involved with CAFCASS 0.6%
  • 5 with other multi-agency involvement 2%
  • 22 EAL children 7%
  • 1 service child 0.3%
  • Low mobility

Ofsted Inspection
Ralph Butterfield Primary School was judged “Outstanding” at its last Ofsted Inspection – November 2011.

School Strengths

  • Incredibly committed, loyal, dedicated and experienced staff team who have the pupil’s best interests at heart.
  • Strong culture of shared practice.
  • Early identification of additional needs.
  • Positive working relationships with external agencies.
  • Consistently good levels of progress and attainment across the school, including SEND and disadvantaged pupils.
  • End of key stage outcomes are consistently above national average.
  • Positive behaviour and attitudes from our pupils.
  • Boasts a fantastic sports provision (including attainment of gold award).
  • Our school holds the Quality Mark.
  • Ambitious, supportive and enthusiastic governors who have a breadth of knowledge of the school.
  • Family atmosphere, operating an ‘open door policy’ and all staff are approachable and visible for parents to raise concerns.
  • We operate a staff and pupil buddy system.
  • School currently has a healthy budget.
  • Excellent administration and business support staff.
  • Very proactive PTA.
  • Own catering team, using local produce.

Current areas identified for school improvement

  • Improve percentage of children achieving GD in writing at KS1
  • Improve percentage of children achieving expected in reading at KS2
  • Continue to improve the teaching and learning of maths reasoning skills across the school
  • Improve effectiveness and impact of assessment and data procedures and systems
  • Improve the teaching and learning of vocabulary to effectively widen our children’s vocabulary
  • Creative curriculum
  • Investment in school infrastructure (look and feel).
  • Improve community engagement
  • Environmental improvements to both internal and outdoor areas of the school

School Improvement Development Plan 2019/2020

  • Curriculum review, development and improvement
  • Improve and develop indoor and outdoor learning environments
  • Improve IT provision
  • Improve engagement and communication with parents and the wider community.

Future Priorities, Considerations & Challenges

  • Governors have discussed academisation/federation but see no advantage or need to actively pursue this at present.
  • Priority to increase the intake numbers into Reception.
  • Increase TA support.
  • The building is an ongoing concern due to its age and will require remedial attention (both internally and externally) while looking to increase capacity.
  • Ensure costs are controlled to keep the school budget healthy
  • Pupil numbers are likely to grow due to new housing developments (circa 800 new homes over the next ten years - CYC Local Plan)

Budgetary Position
As with all schools, budgets are constrained. The governors work closely with the Headteacher to ensure costs are controlled but also enable agility of spending when necessary to maximise use of the resources that become available.

A Start Budget agreed on 1 May 2019 by Governors our revenue income was £1,305,364; revenue expenditure £1,298,990 with an in year balance of £6,374. Our opening balance is £84,276 giving a cumulative carry forward of £90,650.

The 20/21 projection was revenue income £1,286,432.77, revenue expenditure £1,292,074 with an in year balance of -£5642. Our opening balance was £90,650 giving a cumulative carry forward of £85,008.

The 21/22 projection was revenue income of £1,276,122, revenue expenditure £1,312,482 with an in year balance of -£36,360. Our opening balance was £85,008 giving a cumulative carry forward of £48,548.

The budget as at the outturn position of 30 September, 2019 is revenue income £1,318,749, revenue expenditure £1,352,584 with an in year balance of -£33,834. Our opening balance is £86,389 giving a cumulative carry forward of £52,555.

Our current capital balances are as follows: - capital income £7,679, capital expenditure £29,472 with an in year balance of -£21,793. Our opening balance is £22,684 giving a cumulative carry forward of £891.

After years of just breaking even, the school is positioned to have a healthy surplus this year, with plans to improve the buildings, teaching resources and teacher support. Governors have a good understanding of the finances of the school and would take the necessary steps to address any future budget issues.

Ralph Butterfield Primary School is a mixed primary school, serving the north and east of Haxby. Our school is at the heart of the community and our engagement with parents/carers is imperative.  We have an ‘open door policy’ where parents/carers are encouraged to discuss any aspect of their child’s schooling.  Relationships are generally positive and this is a key priority for development on our SIP.  To improve engagement, we are holding more open events and inviting parents into school regularly; increasing the level of communication between staff and parents.  We maintain communication via a weekly newsletter, information evenings, parent surveys, special assemblies, stay and play sessions and are developing social media channels.  We also welcome new parents to stay and play sessions and encourage them to attend the summer fair before their children start at school.  A variety of courses are also available to all parents/carers.

Our school is also active in charity support, awareness and fundraising and each year we support at least 1 national and 1 local charity.

Ralph Butterfield Primary School PTA is made up of volunteer parents/carers and a teacher representative that are elected each year in the AGM. In 2019 the PTA became a registered Charity due to the amount of money it raises.  In 2018/2019 we raised £9,500 (similar to the previous year) through some fantastic fundraising events for the children, their families and the wider community and through applying for local grants.

Events that the PTA organise include 3 discos, 3 film nights, Summer Fair, Christmas Fair, Christmas Card design event, Mother and Father’s Day secret rooms, summer ice pop sales and second-hand uniform sales, taking place throughout the year.

New pupils are warmly welcomed with a new starter pack from the PTA.  The PTA committee attend all the welcome events, introducing ourselves and our work to the new Reception intake and provide them with a School book bag, RB pencil and starting school reading book.  There is also the opportunity to purchase second hand uniform.

Recently the PTA have purchased for the school:

  • A picnic table and several activity sheds for the Reception play area
  • A greenhouse and shed for the gardening club
  • Music equipment
  • Sports team kit and equipment
  • An Actress to visit school on Egyptian / Viking / Roman day – bringing history to life for the children
  • Free Graduation DVDs for all Year 6 leavers

In 2019/2020 we will purchase a 100 ‘must read’ children’s books for each year group, provide each class with £150 to spend on something useful/fun for their class to enjoy and purchase a substantial amount of IT equipment aligned with the School Development Plan priorities.  In 2020 we aim to support the development of the front playground which needs significant investment to make it a fun, engaging and experiential place for the children to learn, play and relax.

The PTA play a crucial role in the school, organising fun events which the children enjoy whilst raising money for the school to spend on resources that enhance the children’s learning and also create lasting memories of school life.  There are excellent communication links through the PTA Teacher Representative and directly with the Head Teacher.  There is real sense of collaboration and partnership to enhance the wonderful school that Ralph Butterfield Primary is.

We have a very positive relationship with the Local Authorities through service level agreements including HR support and a close working relationship with our School Improvement colleagues.  The current Acting Headteacher works closely with the LA, attending maintained school meetings, heads briefings, SPO meetings and mentor support.

There are good links between the school and the local church’s and as a school we participate in community events and host an annual carol service for pupils and parents/carers.

Although we have good links with our local community, improvements are necessary on our social media platforms to highlight and promote the school’s contributions and to engage more with the local community.  Our pupils sing at the local residential care home and local supermarkets support our sports day, providing children with water and fruit.  We also hire out our school facilities to the local Karate Club.

As well as a successful partnership between the school, the parents/carers and the pupils; our partnership also extends to working closely with other primary schools within the surrounding areas, including Headlands Primary School and Wigginton Primary School, which is supported by CYC.  The staff meet regularly to share advice, projects and training when needed, with the main focus on improving aspects of the English and Mathematics provision across the three schools.

Our school benefits from a highly supportive, visible and enthusiastic governing body, who collectively have a wide range of skills and experience. The governors offer an appropriate level of challenge and support at governor meetings and regularly visit different phases of the school. Governors understand their role as ‘critical friend’ and actively engage with all areas of the school.

Haxby is an attractive, thriving town situated 4 miles North of the City of York, located between the A64 and the A19. Joined to the village of Wigginton, it is nestled close to the river Foss and surrounded by green belt of three sides. Haxby offers a semi-rural lifestyle and has a population 8750, in a compact area of 8.5 sq. km. There is a good bus service into York and is located just off the A1237 ring road, giving it good connectivity to Leeds and other nearby towns and cities.

The town has a real community feel where everyone is welcomed. We have well-appointed local amenities including a butcher, baker, coffee shops, hairdressers, gift shops and an award winning best fish & chip shop in the country, public houses, churches and a community centre. There are also plenty of children’s facilities including sports clubs for football, tennis, squash and netball, as well as active scout and guide groups. Haxby is currently served by a library bus (after the original building was condemned), with plans to build a new library in the Town.

The ancient city of York is a beautiful, thriving city with low unemployment and highly performing tourism, cultural and entertainments industries. York was voted the 'Best Place to Live' by the Sunday Times, in 2018. It’s rich in culture and heritage, a vibrant modern city still making history. It’s a city renowned for beautiful period buildings, historical city walls and the iconic Minster; but also for its cool cafes, destination restaurants, innovative businesses and the fastest internet in Britain. It’s a destination visited by 7 million people every year and is recognised on a regional, national and international stage.

York is a wonderfully compact city with all the amenities one could need whilst also having on its doorstep National Parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty, quaint villages and market towns, and the Yorkshire coast.

North Yorkshire
Within the county of North Yorkshire are the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks, three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Pennines and a stunning coastline around Scarborough and Whitby. The area hosted the opening stages of the Tour de France in 2014, and due to its success has created the Tour de Yorkshire with global recognition and recently the UCI Cycling World Championships. There are ruined castles and abbeys, serene gardens, unique breweries, thrilling rides and industrial heritage. Something for everyone!

For outdoor enthusiasts North Yorkshire has plenty to offer. From the hard gritstone of Almscliff and Brimham Rocks to the limestone of Malham, Gordale and Kilnsey, climbing venues are in abundance. Within 2 hours’ drive, the Yorkshire Dales is a premier area for caving, while for mountain biking there are the bridleways of the Dales and North York Moors as well as the renowned trail centre at Dalby Forest. Further afield, the Lake District and the fells, crags and coast of Northumberland are all easily accessible for days and weekends away.

There are a small number of sailing clubs on reservoirs around the county and fantastic, if chilly, surf sport venues, outdoor swimming and sea kayaking on the east coast.

While the county is rightly known for its wide open spaces, it also incorporates attractive market towns including Knaresborough, Ripon, Malton, Helmsley, Northallerton and Skipton, the traditional seaside towns of Whitby and Scarborough, as well as the ancient city of York, the most visited city outside of London. With a wide range of shopping, leisure and cultural facilities including the Northern Ballet and Helmsley Art Centre, as well as excellent schools, universities, road and rail links, there really is everything to offer you and your family as a place to work, live and enjoy.

Travelling further afield we have convenient connectivity, with close proximity to metropolitan cities of Leeds and Newcastle and a journey time of under two hours by rail from York to London. We border the Lake District, Lancashire, County Durham, and Yorkshire and Humber regions with all they have to offer.

The Role

Ralph Butterfield Primary School, York

Post: Headteacher

Number on Roll: 319

Commencing: September 2020

Salary: L16 – L22

If you are a leader who is ambitious, inspirational and committed to excellence then this appointment will present you with a unique opportunity.

Ralph Butterfield Primary School is a happy, welcoming and highly successful school situated 4 miles to the north of the City of York, in the attractive town of Haxby.  A popular school, we are well-respected and known for our high academic standards and exemplary pupil behaviour.  We are proud of our fully inclusive model of education, enabling all children to fulfil their full potential whatever their starting points.  Our distinctive ethos and core values of imagine, believe, strive and achieve support this model and are lived out in the daily work of the school.

Currently rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted (2011), we are proud of our school, where we value our community and have a clear vision for the future, placing a high premium on creating a learning environment in which children thrive in a vibrant, exciting and happy school.

Our ambition, and yours, will be that Ralph Butterfield Primary School plays a pivotal role within primary education in the area, for promoting the latest developments in teaching, learning and inclusion practices.  Our children, who are drawn from the north and east of Haxby, deserve an education that will change their lives and give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and in turn you and your staff will enjoy a fulfilling career, releasing your potential and maximising your impact.

Our opportunity
We are looking for a Headteacher who has strong leadership skills, who can motivate our staff, parents and carers, children and community to achieve their very best, through shaping and delivering an inspiring vision, which will then lead to significant impact across outcomes, curriculum delivery and teaching and learning.

You will have a real desire to achieve and the presence, ambition and expertise to deliver strong, clear leadership and vision.  Financially astute, you will also build partnerships, while delivering an outstanding educational provision that is sustainable for the long term.

You will inherit a school which has stable staffing, a strong community ethos and colleagues who are proud to work for a school which puts the whole child and parental engagement at its very heart.

We can offer you:
• A happy and welcoming school, fostering an inclusive and friendly environment in which to inspire and motivate our children.
• Significant levels of support from the Local Authority, Governing Board and a staff team who are experienced, committed and passionate about our school.
• Delightful children who respect each other, have a thirst for learning new things and a staff culture which allows new members to thrive and develop.
• An opportunity to see the huge potential that exists here and with clear support, tenacity, energy and the time to make Ralph Butterfield Primary School a beacon of excellence in primary education.

For an informal, confidential conversation about the role, please call Rachel Wales who is supporting this recruitment process on behalf of Ralph Butterfield Primary School and can be contacted at North Yorkshire County Council on 01609 532597 / 07973 692529.

We strongly recommend that you visit us so we can share with you why we are so proud of our school, allowing you the opportunity to see what we have to offer.  If you would like the opportunity to visit, please email

Key dates:

  • Application closing date:  Midnight, Sunday 2 February
  • Shortlisting:  Tuesday 4 February
  • Interviews:  Tuesday 11 & Wednesday 12 February

Supporting Documents
Person Specification
Job Description

When applying please take into account the following:

Supporting Information
The supporting information section of your application should clearly evidence your ability to meet the requirements we have outlined in the person specification. This will be used to shortlist applicants for this role and therefore it is imperative that you provide evidence as requested.

When completing your application, please provide two employment references.