Headteacher - St Martin's C.E VA Primary School 


Dear Applicant,

Many thanks for taking the time to find out more about our opportunity of Headteacher at St Martin’s C.E VA School. The appointment of a Headteacher is one of the most important decisions a school can make and on this site, we have gathered together lots of useful information to help you understand St Martin’s, its culture, it's stakeholders and to help you assess if you could see yourself being our Headteacher. We hope the position will be one in which you can develop your career whilst making a difference to the lives of the children, families and staff you will serve.

There is something unique about St Martin’s C.E VA Primary School and we are incredibly proud of our wonderful children, supportive parents, inspirational staff and forward thinking governors. We all work together to make St Martin’s a fun, safe and happy place to learn. The governors have ensured that the selection process will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability and fitness to sustain and develop the religious character of our school.

The school has a warm and welcoming family atmosphere and we place a great emphasis on working in partnership with parents/carers, children, governors, diocese and the communities that we serve. We aim to achieve our vision by providing high quality education in a safe and caring environment, where children can enjoy their formal education alongside enriching social experiences. This allows them to achieve their full potential and develop as well behaved, polite, happy and confident individuals.

This has been an unprecedented period for everyone especially for those working in education, we are incredibly proud of our team and the outstanding job they have done. It is now our responsibility to identify a new leader who can continue on this journey with our school, recognising individual and team achievements, providing support through difficult circumstances, ensuring standards are reached, maybe exceeded at times and who really wants to be a part of our school and community.

It is important to all at St Martin’s that our leader is strategic in their management and develops a distributed leadership structure in order to support the growth and development of all members of our team. It is vital that they will have the understanding of how and when to delegate and to always be aware of the future, forming thorough plans for succession.  Both staff and governors are motivated, inspirational and empathetic leaders, with the capacity to both collaborate and challenge. We are committed to maintaining and developing a program for the continuous professional and personal development of all staff whilst ensuring high quality education for all pupils and the highest standards of learning and achievement in accordance with statutory requirements. We all look forward to working closely with the new Headteacher to innovate and introduce new ideas.

For an informal, confidential conversation about the role please call Julie Crichton on 07581143421. Julie has been engaged to support us with recruitment to this key role.

At this time, unfortunately, we are not able to offer school visits, we would therefore encourage applicants to have a look at the school website and our Twitter handle to get a feel for our school and also watch our new parent video.

I hope you find the information provided useful and informative and that it will encourage you to apply.  On behalf of the governing body, thank you again for your interest in St Martin’s C.E VA Primary School.

Yours faithfully,

St Martins Governing Body

St Martin’s Church of England Aided Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School in the Diocese of York and is maintained by the North Yorkshire Local Authority (LA). The School provides a distinctively Christian education and is a primary school that is slightly larger than an average size school nationally (257 on roll), serving children aged from four to eleven.

The way in which the school is organised and run, as well as the relationship between the children and their teachers is based on the vision, ethos and values that pervades every aspect of school life. The emphasis is wholeheartedly on educating the whole child in readiness for life beyond school life.

A letter from the year 6 pupils.

We always look to enhance the personal development of pupils and ensure that children, staff and Governors promote our school vision:

Serve one another in love’ Galatians 5v13

St. Martin’s School isn’t just a school, it’s a family. Firmly rooted in the Christian faith, the St. Martin’s family will share the love of Christ with our diverse school community – all unique and special, made in God’s image, with everyone welcomed and included.

Please watch some of St Martin's collective worships.

We will live out our vision…

  • As educators, by serving our children, teaching a rich, relevant curriculum and aspiring to the highest possible standards in our work and practice.
  • Sustained by the love of Jesus. Together with the education we provide and the security of a family, our children and families will flourish, widen their horizons and aspire to be the best that they can be.
  • Following the example of Jesus, who washed the feet of his disciples; we will all serve each other. We will also look outwards, seeking to serve our global family as we treat our environment and global neighbours with respect and understanding.

“The children have impeccable behaviour and beautiful manners and are a credit to our families. I continue to be wowed by the pupil’s patience, tolerance, resilience and the respectfulness they show to each other, the staff and visitors. The staff are dedicated and hardworking, and are always celebrating the achievements of all. The governing body are focused, strategic and challenging and want nothing less than the best for our children. At St Martin’s you too can feel the warmth and love this school exudes".

Current Headteacher 2020

Alongside the dedication of staff, focus on learning and safety of our children at the school, what makes it extra special is the family focused, caring and supportive feeling that is in abundance at St Martin’s - an extension of our family. The children feel part of a supportive team who care for one another. You can easily speak to staff about anything. The staff truly care about you and your family".

Current Parent 2020

“St. Martin’s is special to me, as I have formed many friendships here. It is also part of my family as we all have been here.” Pupil Voice 2020

“I think that St. Martin’s is a lovely school and part of our whole community; a place helps us learn to be better people each day.” Pupil Voice 2020

Our staff are our greatest resource and are incredibly committed, loyal and dedicated and always have the best interest of the pupils at heart. Our leaders are determined to find something that every child can shine at. Staff get to know the children in the school very well using this information to personalise opportunities for learning.

Our class teachers lead their support team through shared goals, working in close partnership with parents and carers, Diocese, Governors and the local community, to provide an excellent primary educational experience for all.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Current Headteacher
  • Deputy Head - Class teacher Year 6
  • Head of KS1 - Class teacher EYFS
  • Maths Lead - Class Teacher Year 5

Teaching staff

  • 7 full time Class Teachers
  • 3 part time Class Teachers
  • HLTA
  • Advanced TA SEN
  • GTA
  • Music Teacher (p/t)
  • PE Specialist (p/t)
  • SENCo (p/t)

Support Staff

  • School Secretary
  • Headteachers PA
  • Contracted Services
  • Caretaker/Catering
  • Wrap around care team
  • Midday Supervisors

Meet the team - Who's-who

“The teachers are what makes St. Martin’s; they look out for us all of time.” Pupil Voice 2020

“I think the most important thing at St. Martin’s is that everybody cares about each other. I get to learn and enjoy myself too.” Pupil Voice 2020

Our vision for the school is strong and clear, we hope it gives this opportunity for a new leader to come in and shape how the school moves forward. We hope our new leader will be able to:

  • Consider and shape how we can adapt our practices innovatively to promote and enhance the wellbeing of our staff team.
  • Develop a more distributed leadership nurturing opportunities for all staff to learn and grow.
  • Further develop the relationships we have with parents and how they can contribute to school life. This also includes opportunities to bring the wider community into the school.
  • Grow relationships with local communities to ensure strong communication channels for when opportunities such as school places occur.
  • Use our strong financial situation to look at how we invest in our school which may be in staffing, resources or through development of our learning spaces.

What we do well at St Martins

  • The school has a welcoming and caring ethos, where pupils are highly valued as individuals.
  • Children’s attitude to learning is at the forefront of everything.
  • Pupils behaviour around the school is excellent" Ofsted 2018.
  • We have an ambitious broad curriculum that stretches and challenges pupils and has many opportunities for enrichment.
  • Pupil achievement is above national averages and shows consistent progress and added value.
  • We have an excellent team throughout the school, committed to giving children the best opportunity to learn and reach their potential.

Ofsted and SIAMS Inspection & School Data

In the most recent Ofsted Comments from parents included, "a wonderful child-centred school, a real family atmosphere and, I'm proud to be part of St Martins and my children feel the same".

Ofsted - St Martin’s CE Primary School was judged “good” at its last Ofsted Inspection

SIAMS - St Martin’s CE Primary School was judged “outstanding” at its last SIAMS Inspection

"Relationships among pupils and staff reflect a positive and respectful culture" - SIAMS March 2017 

Current levels of pupil achievement, attainment and progress

  • Our 2019 attainment can be found here

Key priorities of the School Improvement Plan

  • Vision and intent - We need to embed school theological vision into the monitoring and workings of the whole school to ensure all aspects of school life reflect our distinctive Christian ethos.
  • Team - To promote and enhance the wellbeing of the team, developing a distributed leadership, nurturing opportunities for all staff to learn and grow to their full potential.
  • Embed communication and language strategies with the new cohort in order to maintain the high standards in communication and language development - Due to Covid 19 the 2020 school starters will have had a hugely varied experience which may have resulted in a lack of essential preparations for starting school and gaps in learning. CLLD strategies are vital in accessing all areas of the curriculum. A focus on these skills will help children to make good progress from their starting points across the curriculum.
  • SEN - To ensure staff are confident in the early identification of pupil needs and are able to use strategies and paperwork to have an impact on planning, differentiation, evaluation and progress.
  • Science- To ensure success for all learners in the science curriculum, quality teaching and learning, and assessment
  • Art - To raise the profile of Art throughout the school ensuring success for all learners.
  • English - As identified in the PiRA question analysis, the language and vocabulary strand was an area for improvement across the school. The focus on whole class reading will address this reading domain.
  • Maths - As identified in the Puma question analysis, the fraction and multiplication strands were an area for improvement across the school. FFT data identified pupils were not attempting these questions.

Parents and Carers (Ofsted 18 Report)

St Martin’s is a vibrant, cohesive community and is indeed, as parents and carers and leaders all affirm, a family. Leaders have established an effective partnership between home and school. Pupils are happy and enjoy coming to school. As one pupil told me, "It is great – every day is fun and we learn something new". Parents highly value the contact that they have with your staff. Parents who spoke with me during the inspection were very positive about the school. Comments included, "a wonderful child-centred school’, ‘a real family atmosphere’ and, ‘I’m proud to be part of St Martin’s and my children feel the same".

Parent View Ofsted

Our Governing Body

We have in place a governance structure that meets the needs of the school and is effective. The Governing body have identified that the structure and support provided to the school could be changed to better support distributed leadership and are looking forward to working in partnership with a new leader to direct the focus on this.

Friends of St Martin’s (FOSM)

Various functions are organised throughout the year for both fund-raising and purely social reasons. All parents are automatically members of the FOSM and it is hoped that all parents will become involved. It is in this way that all are able to feel active participants in the functioning and development of the School, which can only have positive implications for the children.

Relationship with the Diocese

There is in place a strong and supportive relationship with the Diocese. Critical friend visits, performance management and training offered by Diocese are all accessed.

We are very proud that we are provided with many opportunities to represent our school. This year one of our Year 6 children will represent the school for the National Young Leader 20/21 programme. At the 2019 Diocese Annual Conference our children and staff were asked to lead Collective Worship and at the Archbishop of York’s induction we virtually led the Lord’s Prayer.

Our wider school Community

St Martin’s have a strong relationship with St Martin's Church and the Faith in Scarborough Schools organisation who deliver one worship a week. Father David from St Martin’s Church visits half termly to deliver a Eucharist in school and leads confirmation classes for Year 6 pupils in the Autumn term.

We regularly decorate St Martin's Church with our artwork.

We support local and national charities with fundraising. We are linked in with several care homes and visit them to sing or play the ukulele for their residents. During lockdown writing to the residents has been beneficial for both the residents and the children. We work with several agencies to provide support and food for families within the school. The Christian Aid Global Neighbours project empower the children to be courageous agents of change, equipping them with a deeper understanding of injustice and the, skills and confidence to act against inequality and work towards a world free of poverty.

Associated Teaching School Alliance and relationship

We are part of  Scarborough Teaching Alliance and Esk Valley Teaching Alliance. We are proactive in hosting student teaching placement students and 6th Form students. We want to encourage continuous improvement by bringing in new ideas and are regularly part of research initiatives and most recently have been part of maths research projects with Esk Valley Alliance.

We are part of the opportunity area and have been actively involved initiatives such as Maths month and Scarborough Science and Engineering Week.

Local Authority and School Improvement

The school has had one LA visit since Jan 2019 because we were a priority 1 school - not causing concern.  We have strong relationships with our contacts at the LA and are able to access support should we need to.  Staff are also made aware of training opportunities through the LA and our subject leaders and designated safeguarding lead attend LA organised meetings/training/networking sessions.

The Parish of St Martin-on-the-Hill, Scarborough and St Michael & All Angels, Wheatcroft

Letter, Fr David M Dixon

"Thank you for your interest in St Martin’s School and the Headteacher vacancy.

You will have been provided with a number of documents that help explain the current position of the school; how we have developed and what has been achieved; how the school has been commended by the recent Ofsted Inspection; and our hopes for the future.

St Martin’s School was first established in the second half on the nineteenth century through the work of the first vicar of the parish Robert Henning - Parr. He believed that the Church of England should play a leading role in the education of children of the parish. The school has moved premises since those early days but the belief he had has been carried forward to the twenty first century and supported by the Parish of St Martin-on-the-Hill, the Deanery of Scarborough and the Diocese of York.

It is my hope that you will be able to visit the school because if you do, you might experience an atmosphere or ‘vibe’ that others have experienced and commented upon. It is tangible but difficult to put into words. It has to do with welcome, hospitality, kindness, respect and concern for others and treating them well, encouragement to learn and develop one’s unique God given gifts.

I believe that this ‘vibe’ is the product of the teachings of Jesus being lived out by children, staff and others who work in the school, day by day.

The links between the parish church continue to this day. I am an ex-officio governor. The parish is allotted a number of seats on the governing body.  The school is now a Deanery School and Christians from other parishes in the Scarborough Deanery sit on the governing body.

The parish church continues to play an important role in the life of the school. Before the pandemic I visited the school to celebrate the Eucharist. The Christian seasons of the year and feasts have figured in our worship. The school also visited the church for Eucharists and carol services.

The Church is a grade one listed building and children have visited the building as part of their education outside church services. During the last three years children have been offered the opportunity to attend Christian discussion groups in preparation for Confirmation.

I hope that this brief description and the other documents you read will help you to learn a little more of the relationship between the parish church and the School and the importance of the Christian faith in the life and development of the School as it looks to appoint a new headteacher.

May the Holy Spirit guide and direct you as you begin to discern whether you are called to apply for the position of headteacher.

And, if so, we look forward to receiving your application.

May God bless you".

Fr D M Dixon

York Diocesan Board of Education supports 125 Church of England schools and academies in the area from the Humber to the Tees. We have a dedicated team of professionals who offer a wide range of expertise and can help schools access further assistance.

The Education team aims to:

  • Be available as a ‘one-stop shop’ for pastoral and professional support;
  • Work with a range of agencies to promote school improvement;
  • Promote excellence and Christian distinctiveness;
  • Provide and facilitate professional development and governor training;
  • Help schools and academies network, collaborate together and share best practice;
  • Offer a Total Property Management scheme in association with DBE Services Ltd;
  • Guide schools on matters concerning trusts;
  • Work with schools exploring Academy conversion;
  • Advise in the appointment of staff, especially Headteachers;
  • Support Headteacher appraisal;
  • Represent Church of England education to the wider church community and more widely to   the public;
  • Maintain contact with the local authorities and the Regional Schools Commissioners.

The Rt Revd Paul Ferguson, Bishop of Whitby and Chair of the Diocesan Board of Education, said:

Our schools and academies are a vital part of the mission of the Church of England in the Diocese of York. Staff and governors are strongly committed to their communities, and in many cases the influence of church schools can only be described as transformative. We strive to offer our young people the very best in every aspect of education, including encouraging them to mature spiritually and to understand how faith informs good relationships and responsible citizenship. We aim for our schools to be places where the love of God in Christ is truly reflected. If these aims and values resonate with you, we hope that you will consider applying to come to St Martin’s C of E (Aided) Primary School to lead our school into the next phase of its life”.

Andrew Smith, Diocesan Director of Education, said:

”As a diocese, we are here to help celebrate and strengthen the Christian ethos in our schools. We understand that each school is unique and our aim is to get to know our schools on an individual basis in order to foster the local parish and community links as far as possible. As such, our Education Team offers a range of support to our headteachers from both a school distinctiveness and effectiveness point of view, as well as providing a range of training and development opportunities for staff and governors to access over the course of each year. In a rapidly changing educational landscape, we are more and more involved in wider school development, particularly as schools change from one school status to another.

I do hope that you feel able to apply for the position of St Martin’s C of E (Aided) Primary School and we would look forward to welcoming you as part of our diocesan family here in the Diocese of York”.

As St Martin’s is part of the primary network across the North Yorkshire Coast we have been fortunate to be part of the DFE North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area which is now in its fourth year.

The OA  supports ambition and outcomes on social mobility across Scarborough, Whitby and Filey with projects focussing on early years, phonics, literacy, attendance and teacher recruitment and development. More information on the OA can be found here.

Being able to attract and recruit the very best teachers and leaders to our area is vital to our schools continuing development. As such we are able to offer a relocation package of up to £8k for our new Headteacher, if they are having to relocate to take up post. More details can be found here.


Scarborough is the original seaside resort town on England’s North Sea coast with stunning scenery and glorious beaches. Its 2 bays with sandy beaches are split by a headland bearing the 12th-century Scarborough Castle. The Victorian Central Tramway funicular train links the town centre with South Bay and its harbour.

Scarborough has so much to offer anyone interested in culture and heritage, including a world-class theatre, a thriving live music scene and an active Arts culture.  The magnificent Scarborough Castle towers over the town, overlooking the two sweeping bays. The spectacular ruins are in the care of English Heritage, and provide a stunning backdrop for re-enactments. Scarborough has two much-loved Victorian funicular lifts, one of which was the first cliff tram in England. Lovers of vintage transport will also want to ride on the North Bay Miniature Railway, one of the oldest in the country, which transports visitors in style from Peasholm Park to Scalby Mills

Scarborough also boasts a new Sports Village and clubs and facilities for most sports and physical activity, including opportunities for surfing, outdoor swimming and sailing. The area is popular with cyclists and has easy access to the North York Moors.

Scarborough Video - A Place to Work, Live and Invest

Yorkshire Coast

The Yorkshire Coast is a world-famous stretch of coastline that runs from the Tees estuary to the Humber estuary on the east coast of England. The coastline between the two estuaries was historically made up of the East and North Ridings of Yorkshire. Since the 1974 county boundary shake-up, this now comprises Redcar & Cleveland, North Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The North York Moors National Park extends up to the coastline and traverses 26 miles (42 km) of the coast between Boulby and Cloughton, taking in the historic fishing villages of Staithes, Runswick Bay and Robin Hood's Bay.

The section of coastline south of Bridlington to Spurn Head is known as the Holderness coast from the area of East Yorkshire that the coastline adjoins.

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is England's largest county and one of the most rural. The area comprises the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a stunning coastline around Scarborough and Whitby. There are ruined castles and abbeys, serene gardens, unique breweries, thrilling rides and industrial heritage. The area hosted the phenomenal Tour de France ‘Grand Depart’ in 2014 and has since created the Tour de Yorkshire, an annual event with global recognition. Our success in supporting these events led to Harrogate hosting the UCI Cycling World Championships in 2019.

North Yorkshire has plenty to offer the outdoor enthusiast. From the hard gritstone of Almscliff and Brimham rocks to the limestone of Malham, Gordale and Kilnsey climbing venues are in abundance. The Yorkshire Dales is the premier area for caving and for mountain biking; there are the bridleways of the Dales and North York Moors as well as the renowned trail centre at Dalby Forest. There are a small number of sailing clubs on reservoirs around the county and fantastic surfsport venues and sea kayaking on the east coast.

While the county is rightly known for its wide open spaces, it also incorporates attractive market towns including Pickering and Helmsley, traditional seaside towns, the Spa town of Harrogate and the ancient city of York - the most visited city outside of London. There are a wide range of shopping, leisure and cultural facilities as well as excellent schools, universities, road and rail links, there really is everything to offer you and your family as a place to work, live and enjoy!

Travelling further afield we have convenient connectivity, with close proximity to metropolitan cities of Leeds and Newcastle, with little over two hours commute on the main train line to London. We border the Lake District, Lancashire, County Durham, and Yorkshire & Humber regions with all they have to offer.

The Role

St Martin's C.E. VA Primary School, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Post:  Headteacher
Number on Roll: 257
Commencing:  April 2021
Contract Type:  Full Time 
Salary:  L16 - L21 (Relocation package of up to £8,000 available)
Contract Term:  Permanent

St. Martin’s School isn’t just a school, it’s a family. Firmly rooted in the Christian faith, the St. Martin’s family will share the love of Christ with our diverse school community – all unique and special, made in God’s image, with everyone welcomed and included.”

We are a friendly, welcoming, child-centred, Church of England primary school located in Scarborough on the stunning Yorkshire Coast. We provide a nurturing environment, based on Christian values, where all individuals are treated with fairness, respect and equality and the interests of our fantastic pupils are paramount.

The ethos of our school is focussed on the development of the whole-child, enabling each pupil to achieve their potential in relation to academic and personal development. We aim to foster this through a supportive, Christian family orientated environment where everyone cares for the well-being of each individual in the community.

Together with a talented staff team, governors and School Improvement Partners from across the Diocese and the LA we know we have an incredibly special school, which has gone from strength to strength over the last three years.

Our opportunity

Following the external promotion of our current Headteacher we are now looking for a new leader and colleague who will embrace, adopt and deliver the standards expected from a Headteacher (Headteacher Standards -October 20).

While we have many strengths (Ofsted, SIAMS and encouraging outcomes for example), we know that we need to continue to build a love of reading across school, maintain and build on the quality of teaching and our expectations on what our children are capable of and further develop our staff team to reach their full potential.

In particular, we are looking for a Headteacher who will,

  • Be an inspirational leader who is called, connected and committed to deliver the St Martins School vision for the children, staff and community we serve.
  • Lead by example, actively modelling and embedding into all areas of school life, the Christian vision and core Christian values of the school ensuring a life in all its fullness for all.
  • Promote and enhance the wellbeing of the team, developing a distributed leadership, nurturing opportunities for all staff to learn and grow to their full potential.
  • Further develop relationships with our families and the wider community to enhance the contribution to school life and outcomes and opportunities for children.
  • Deliver and ensure an enriched and high-quality curriculum which delivers high standards, expectations and outcomes for all pupils.

You may be looking at this opportunity as either your next Headship or your first. Regardless of where you are in your leadership career we will ensure you have the access to the cohesive support provided by the Diocese, Local Authority, Governors and the DFE North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area (0A) as you thrive and succeed as our new Headteacher.

What can we offer:

  • Significant levels of support from the Governing Board and staff team; who are experienced, committed and passionate about our school and ensuring our children reach their potential.
  • A total commitment to giving you all the tools and support to make you an outstanding headteacher.
  • A warm, friendly school where we value our community ethos and have a philosophy of treating each other with kindness and respect.
  • Happy, enthusiastic and very well-behaved children who thrive in a safe caring and inspiring environment.
  • An ambitious curriculum which aims to give every pupil a love for learning and enriching opportunities to discover their gifts.
  • Relocation assistance and competitive remuneration package through the OA

All applicants must be a practising Christian, who will actively live out and embed the Christian Vision and core Christian Values of the School, in accordance with the tenets of the religious denomination of the School (i.e. belonging to a Church in membership of Churches Together in Britain & Ireland), Schools Standards & Framework Act 1998, S60. A faith reference will be requested in addition to two standard references.

If you feel ready to be our next Headteacher and you can bring your commitment, energy and passion to deliver our vision for the children, staff and communities we serve, we would love to hear from you!

For an informal, confidential conversation about the role, please call Julie Crichton who is supporting this recruitment process on behalf of St Martin's C.E VA Primary School and can be contacted at North Yorkshire County Council on 07581 143421.

Key dates:

  • School Visits: For shortlisted candidates, the school will be offering the opportunity to visit on either Friday the 18th (during the day – teacher training day) or week commencing 4th January by covid safe and staggered appointment (after school hours).
  • Application closing date: Midnight, Sunday 13th December
  • Shortlisting: Thursday 17h December
  • Interviews: 11th and 12th of January

Supporting Information
The supporting information section of your application should clearly evidence your ability to meet the requirements we have outlined in the person specification. This will be used to shortlist applicants for this role and therefore it is imperative that you provide evidence as requested:

Job Description

Person Spec

Ethos Statement

New Parents School Video


When completing your application, please provide two employment references and one faith referee.


Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. This post will be subject to undertaking an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check.