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Starting the job

There are things you can do to make starting a new job less stressful and more positive.

Starting a new job can be daunting, especially if you have not worked for some time or if the job is in a completely different sector.

Here are some top tips for starting a new job:

If you have enough annual leave left, why not use it to take some time out between jobs? This will give you time to switch off from your previous role and mentally prepare yourself for your new job.

It is likely you have already done some research for the interview. However it would be beneficial for you to research the company / service / future colleagues before you start.

Getting to know your colleagues before your first day can help you to settle in and reduce first day nerves so, if possible, why not arrange to drop in one lunchtime to say hello? It will make it less daunting if you know people already on your first day.

The dress code may have come up in the interview. If not, ask your future manager and ensure you are comfortable about what to wear prior to your first day.

A new job is an opportunity for a new start. Therefore if you picked up any bad habits during your last job (i.e. running late to meetings) then challenge yourself to address and eliminate them for your new job.

It is not expected that you will have all the skills or know everything on the first day. Always ask your team members or line manager for help if you need it, even if it is for the simple things (i.e. where is the stationary kept).

There are a lot of further external resources available on the internet. Here is a selection which you may find useful:

Last updated: October 2019